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GPS: TomTom Go 720

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Hi there

I have downloaded postcodes to my PC, which folder do I copy them to on my go 720?

I also have a problem in that when I enter a postcode, not mattering what postcode it comes up no cities found.
Any clues guys?

I may be wrong but it would appear that postcodes for tomtom don't work in Australia. This is because of the size of postcodes in Australia, as compared to postcodes in Britain for example. Can anyone confirm?

Thanks in advance
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Once you have the .OV2 file along with the small .BMP picture file you will need to connect you TomTom to your pc but dont run TomTom Home. Rather search for the device in my computer, you should come across a folder called Australia. Inside this folder you should come across some other .OV2 files. Copy the downloaded OV2 and BMP files to this location.

To then get the device to send you to a postcode you will do the following.

Navigate To...
Point of Interest
POI near you OR POI near Home
Tap the Postcodes option

You may have to tap the find button then the numbers button to enter a postcode if you just have a list of postcodes near a certain location.


GPS: TomTom One

Post just simply copy .OV2 and BMP file to your Map folder.     
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Just simply copy .OV2 and BMP file to your Map folder.
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GPS: Tom Tom go 90

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I put the post codes in the western europe map (downloaded german codes). It does come up in the point of interests however, there is a folder called zip codes- in there is either files with .ver or .postal

I only have 2 countries with post codes in my unit- england and the netherlands.

So, it 's not working as it is- it says no poi's found when attempting to use it in a big city, near my home or wherever.

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On the other hand, I am not sure how the .ov2 and .bmp files work as postcode, can anyone shed some light? Smile




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To be clear...

There is a big difference between POI and postcode files. The latter have a '.postal' suffix and are the only files that work with the postcode search functionality of the software. POI files can ONLY be used with POI searches.
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You may be using old postcode database. You can download the latest UK Postcode database and the maps should work fine.

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