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Just received copilot live 7 bundled with a new PDA.

The interface is similar to Destinator 6 and it's quite simple to use.

The maps are as current as any for AUS that i've come across and it hasn't led me astray around Sydney yet.

The only annoying thing is - no red light/speed camera POI's.

Do the TomTOm OV2 files work with this version of copilot?

If not, I might have to go back to Destinator.

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GPS: copilot live7

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Very dissapointed with COPILOT LIVE7 - Travroute Australia deceived customers by selling it with safety camera alerts and was promised that a patch should be available but nothing until now.
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Free Australian Speed camera file for CoPilot is available here: GPS POI



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I have copilot live 7 and use TomTom OV2 files with this version and all seam to work fine
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Hi All,

I just bought my CoPilot 7 and it all works just perfectly fine. None of the mentioned problem didn't troubled me. By the way from where did you buy it. I bought it from pressdigital and they even provided me the functionality to check the compatibility with my device.

So if you also want to check whether it is compatible with your device click here.

Hope this helps,


GPS: Asus636

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I have just down loaded the red light and speed camera .OV2 files to my Asus 636 running Copilot 7 and they seemed to load-up when I restarted the program. I went for a drive past some Red light cameras I have around home and they are not working?

I've looked in the POI area and turned on custom and other. Should they have come up under their own heading?

Is there something I am missing?

Brett C
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The answer to the question asked in the last post on this thread is listed here:

This is how you get Tom Tom files working with Alk Copilot!
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