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Install a Silent TomTom Voice if you do not want any spoken directions. It allows your POI alerts and safety camera alerts to function normally. This TomTom no-voice is ideal for those times when you don't want your TomTom to talk (think sleeping kids on a long trip). I like it as it's sleeping kids friendly.


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Just in case if you want to silence your kids, try a tomtom videoplayer.
Install it on a SD card. This archive has all files set up to be used on the card.

Follow this:
1. Backup your TT.

2. Download Tomplayer: - no password needed

3. Close tomtom home and connect your memory card to the computer. Use a card reader or your Tomtom.

4. Open the downloaded file with the Tomplayer and copy all folders within the "distrib" folder to the root of your SD card.
If beeing asked to add/modify files to the folder "SDKRegistry" say yes +/- OK button.
Important : copy only the folders ,not the other files like ttsystem,AUTHORS,COPYING,INSTALL,NEWS,README, etc.

5. If you're not sure if you copied the "ttsystem" too ,use your backup and copy the file back on your card

6. Finished... Now you should find the Folders "audio" , "tomplayer" ,"video" and "SDKRegistry" on your SD card.

You can watch XVID,DIVX and MPEG2 video files located into the folder "video" or listen MP3's or OGG's into the folder "audio".

Tip: Encode your video's to the screen size, e.g. 480x272 for the "big screen" models
Tip: Reduce the bitrate for a smaller file size.

You can not use the player while you use TT for mavigation .

How to use the video player:
- scroll through the end menu on your Tomtom and start the player.
- Tap on the screen when you see a red screen with a logo.
- Use one of the available options.

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Working fine. Unfortunatelly, I wanted to use it to not to be disturbed by guiding voice during mp3 playing (using fm transmitter), but it always interrupts the playback for the time the voice should be played (either no voice is played, only silence). But for the reason you've posted (kids Very Happy ) it works great.
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