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Question I have a NUVI 660 and I think I have POI s installed to SD card
There is no way that I can get to or read this card or the information on it if any. How do I
1 Find out what is on the card
2 Access this information
I have I think installed all the applicable downloads but I cant seem to access
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If you plug your Nuvi into your PC -USB then go to My Computer you will see that you have additional drives probably G the nuvi hard drive and H the SD Card. If you click open on the H drive or the second new drive that appears you can view what files you have copied to the SD Card.

You can also see via the Nuvi what files have been added by Pressing 'Where to?' on the first screen and then 'Extras' on the next screen you should see Custom POIs if you have downloaded them on to the Nuvi.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic NUVI 660 POI Access
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