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Robert Fuller


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Navman must be the most pathetic, slack, insensitive, non-caring, useless pack of idiots on this planet( I wonder wether they are on this planet).

My experiecne with them has left me frustrated to a degree that I have never before experienced, and I hope will never again.

They will not reply to phone calls, e-mails etc.

One word of advice to Steve Marriott (The so called Sales Manager, Sydney) and his useless side kick, Leah Lattimore, both of whom are too gutless to reply to my repeated phone requests, and that is "If you can't handle the job for goodness sake GET OUT". Customers. like myself appreciate a little courtesy being shown.

I have been kept waiting for as long as 50 minutes, before I hung up in disgust. This is not on the odd occasion, it is EVERY time I ring.

I intend taking this matter as far as I can. Viz: I am approaching A Current Affair in the near future to start my campaign. Then I am going to start my other assault on the Web.

Navman, you will pay!

My advice to any other suckers intending buying a Navman. don't don't don't. The product is fine but the service is non existant.

Robert Harvey_Fuller.
Their recorded message is horific, to say the least.

In summary; I will never, I repeat NEVER, have anything more to do with this bunch of lazy, ignorant bastards.


GPS: Navman MY55T

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whoooa dude, what happened???
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Navman forum Reply to topic Pathetic service from Navman
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