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wayne tiger


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Hi all,
I have just purchased the TomTom one V3 Christmas cracker edition. I have given it the recommended charge and switched it on. The trouble I have is that my home street is not on the map, the street at the end of the road is on there but not my home address. My house/street has been built for around 4-5 years now so I would have thought it would be on the database.
How can I add my street to the maps? or how can I update to a more recent map database. I am worried now that other streets will not be on the database.
A nice easy step by step as to how to do it would be great as I am not that competent with pc's.
Thanks in advance,



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See if you qualify for TomTom's latest map guarantee.

What version of map are you using?

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GPS: Garmin Nuvii 750

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I had recently purchased the "one 3rd edition" it actually had a map upgrade online. Actually takes a while to download and install 800 megs.
Note: DO NOT UNPLUG your unit or turn off until all installed!
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in TomTom forum Reply to topic tomtom one v3
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