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Hi Folks,
I have just bought a Garmin Nuvi 660FM but thought that I was also supplied with PC mapping software MapSource but I appear to not have it?
Should it have been supplied on the CD or do you have to buy it?


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You can download that software from the Garmin website.
If you register your GPS unit on their site it will let you know which software you need and also show you the extra items you can download. It's not the most user friendly website in the world, but it is useful.


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I couldn't find any way to buy it from their website and a subsequent telephone call to Garmin informed me that it is only available by buying a map on DVD (at very large price). They also said you can't download maps from their website, only but Datacards or buy DVD from 3rd party retailers.



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I read somewhere... download Garmin's TrainingCenterForWindows... run it; then download the latest MapSource... install it and it loads.

Did it myself and it works.



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Consider yourself lucky that you weren't disappointed like me. I got a mapsource disk with my ZUMO but it was faulty and i'm yet to hear back from garmin about a replacement.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Mapsource
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