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GPS: Pharos 150

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Any easy way to create the SpeedcamUpdates.spud file used for speed cameras? I think SpeedcamUpdates.spud could also be deleted and a txt file used in it's place.
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How can I use Garmin's CSV files?



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On this topic you can find out to make your speedcamupdate.spud file

Use POI pages to find the speedcams or convert your existing files with GPS converters.
You need to download or convert the camera file as a *.kml file.

MioMap spud format is explained in it's help tab:

The standard filename of the MioMap speedcams file is SpeedcamUpdates.spud, found in the folder
My Flash Drive\MioMap\MioMap\POI\Speedcams on the GPS unit.
The nav software never removes outdated records from this file - it only adds extra records at the end of the file
marked Edited or Deleted which supersede previous records. These records are linked only by their coordinates.
The option 'Show superseded records in Speedcams list' on the Options sheet controls whether all records are loaded,
or only those which are currently valid. Superseded records are marked in Blue.

It is not as complicated as it look...

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Mio forum Reply to topic SpeedcamUpdates.spud
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