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I just got a Nuvi 250 and I'm amazed how efficient and simple it is.
The only trouble is with the user's guide "quick start manual".
Is there some more elaborated guide I can downloawd some where?

For instance, I'm trying to modify a route so that I will drive throug a certain city instead of the suggested route.
Say I want to go from Montreal to Florida, but via Scranton, Harrisburg, and Charlotte, instead of the suggested route via New-York and Washington. Can I simply set these constraints ?



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You can't select three stops along the way, but you can select one. Picking the most out-of-the-way (Charlotte) of those three will give you most of the route you want.

- Select your ultimate destination and touch "Go".
- Once your route has calculated, get back to the menu screen (press "Menu").
- Select your intermediate destination (Charlotte) and touch "Go". You will be prompted for more info; select "Add as Via Point". You'll get a new route, going via the intermediate destination you selected.

That will give you he approximate time and distance for your route. You can change your via point on the fly, so do this:
- Select your final destination and Go
- Select Scranton and Go (Via Point)
- When you reach Scranton, select Harrisburg and Go (Via Point)
- etc.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Modifying a route
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