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Hello Everyone,
I have recently purchased a Garmin Nuvi 250w and am having trouble finding where i can download school zones from. It seems you can only download one school at a time?? or is it possible to download the whole state or country (Australia) in one hit.
Any help would be much appreciated
Chris Bowen



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Go to the QLD school zones web page and press the download button to save that file.


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you will need to use the garmin poi loader after you have downloaded the files from here
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Will there be a way the POI school zones can be adjusted to become active only in the hours of school zones like 7am to 9am and 2pm to 4 pm on school days.. It is funny to be driving and get school zone warning at 11pm on a Saturday night
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I have the Garmin 590LM unit and a nice feature is the school zones are not only already in the unit but an audio and visual warning pops up when you are less that 1/2 mile from the school zone. -JEP-
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