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GPS: Navman S80

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Hi everyone I have just purchased an S80 Navman and I found your great site. I have joined and downloaded the School Zones and Postcodes for Australia and the Navman desktop program will not load the POS's. I get to the point of loading the POI and I get a message the file is either corrupt or it is being used by another program Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad I have reloaded the software on the Navman and the desktop but the same message. Has anyone had the same problem?
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GPS: Navman MY55T

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Typical Windows crap. Try re booting your system, that will kill any resident installation program, then re connect your device and try again.
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Rellis1,Thanks for your reply but. what do you mean reboot.
I have updated the S80 with the service pac available and the computer, But still no glory.
I have tried on two computers and the same problem.
The thing that pisses me off is Navman Has not responded to any of my email's, and when I rang them after waiting 20 mins on the phone I got some twitt that told me he could not help and would hand it on the the tech dept. Well suprise its only been 2 months and, I supose its a a bit rich of me to be tooooo inpaitent, but no contact YET! Sad
I'm cured of Navman.
Very Happy



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I appeared to have the same problem, I installed POI's on navman S80, then all of a sudden they were not there anymore. Did not show up when I connected to navdesk on PC. Tried reinstalling the POI's and got the error message corrupt or being used by other program.
I reinstalled software and had no luck. What I then did was to format the Navman, so nothing was on it, then reinstalled the software using Navdesk.
now all my problems have dissappeared, reinstalled all my POI's (I keep backups of them on the pc) now all is good.

Hope this works for you

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Navman forum Reply to topic Can't load POI's on S80
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