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brought the new s50 navman....2 hrs later started freezing up and taking up to 5 min to get GPS again...far to long if ya next exit is only a block away....anyway 3 hrs after opening box the navman switched to demo mode...and cant restore it..tried resetting the on/off switch for 15 sec but no success...what a piece of crap..rang navman..of course no just reg post back to them for replacement...
NOT HAPPY with unit...any other bad luck stories with the S50?
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Brand new out of the box. Put it on charge via USB on my PC. Disconnected after 5 hours charging, used it for about 2 hours. Turn it off and when I went to turn it on the startup splash screen reverts to and from the USB connection splash screen. Nothing on the Navman website or in the Navdesk 2008 software fixes or addresses this problem or helps to restore anything. I have ordered the new service pack which may fix it, otherwise it looks like I might be in for a warranty claim (which is apparently fairly poor).

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Navman forum Reply to topic Faulty s50 navman
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