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I'm having some trouble installing new POI files. I assume they go in the country directory? For example mines a USA device, so I put the BMP and OV2 files in my USA_Canada directory.

I tried installing Starbucks and Walmart, and the icon shows up on my device, however whenever I search for a location in certain cities, nothing comes up. I got these files from this site. Are these the whole United States, or certain locations only?

Also is there anyway to save POIs on the device while in use? I can only figure out how to save an address as a favorite. Also is it hard to make the custom POI files via this sites tool? And what directory do those go in?

I couldn't find the directory with my restaurants/hotels/etc OV2 files, so I couldn't edit those via this sites tool, what directory are those in?

Thanks for any help!



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Hi Travis,

Check to see if both the BMP and OV2 files have identical file names.

I had a similar problem and found if there was a slight difference in file names either the BMP or OV2 file wouldn't display.


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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in TomTom forum Reply to topic Installing new POI help
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