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You can report Sensis map errors to

They respond with this autoreply message:

Whereis Team wrote:
Thank you for bringing to our attention this anomaly.

As a result of your email we've correctly extended xxx Road, yyy, so that it connects to the zzz Highway. This will improve routing instructions in the yyy area. This change in road network geometry will be evident in our Australia 15 database which will be released at the end of 2007.

Thank you for having taken the time to contact us. Feedback that you have provided allows us to identify anomalies and work toward both an improved dataset and more comprehensive user experience.

As we comprehensively reassess approximately 200,000km of roads across Australia for each release, it is a regrettable yet often unavoidable fact that some errors and omissions do slip through into the finished product.

Once again, we appreciate you having taken the time to contact us and wish you continued enjoyment in the use of your navigation system.

Thanking you,

The Whereis Team

Map Reporter


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Message from NAVTEQ website:

The world constantly changes. Help us keep our map fresh. Submit updates as a Guest.

Thank you for your Map Reportâ„¢. We appreciate your taking the time to provide feedback and will investigate the need for making your suggested change as quickly as possible.

NAVTEQ releases navigation data up to four times a year to a wide range of navigation system manufacturers and vendors. Because of the time required to process the data, there is a lag between making an addition to the database and seeing that change reflected in a navigation system.

Updated maps are offered for sale by your system manufacturer. We make every effort to ensure that our map data is as fresh, accurate, and up-to-date as possible by employing full-time staff in more than 130 offices around the world. We appreciate conscientious drivers such as yourself who take the time to tell us that we might need to make a change.

We welcome your future suggestions at . Please submit the on-line form the next time you encounter a disparity between the real world road network and your products representation of it. We will gladly investigate your suggestions.

Thank you again for being a Map Reporter.

Best Regards,
The NAVTEQ Map Reporter Team

Your Name


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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in SatNav Discussion forum Reply to topic Sensis map error reporting
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