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GPS: TomTom XL

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I have downloaded the speed camera csv files onto my icn720 and was wondering if anyone knows if you can load a voice response to these alerts - some of the other models seem to have these installed - ie 'safety camera ahead"

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GPS: Navman S90i

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As I read the manual (p94) any .wav files can be sent to the device through MySoundsAdmin.

To add a sound file, click the + button, select the file and "Open". It should be saved to the device.

You can then, I believe, assign that .wav to a specific POI.

I say "I believe" because I have just upgraded from a 510 to the 720, arrived today and have not had much chance to play much. It is still a big step up from the 510 - what with maps preloaded and heaps of memory available.

Love It!
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just got a 750
+ verified
u can as explained add any wave to any poi

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Navman forum Reply to topic icn720 - voices - speed camera
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