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With one week to go before I fly to a different sector of this planet, I decided to buy and download maps of the area for my TomTom navigator. I didn't think that there would be any problems...but there was, not with handing over the dough via credit card, something to do with registering the new maps with my navigator (or something like that).

I was advised that someone would contact me immediately, followed by, if I hadn't heard anything in 24 hours, contact TomTom support.

Didn't hear anything so onto the web based support thingy, which I found and in my opinion, to be deliberately designed to put people off from using it.

In any case, I managed to send a message and the next thing I knew, an auto response telling me...within 48 hours.

I waited but 'sensed' that this wasn't a good sign and flight day fast approaching.

This feeling wasn't helped by some of the comments on this forum.

However, I noticed the provided TomTom telephone numbers and grabbed the one that I needed.

Not being too optimistic (after reading the comments on this forum) I dialed the number. To my surprise, it was answered immediately and with a very brief select option, one or two, I was talking to a human...

Who listened, who took some brief details and informed me that all will be sorted. Given the time differences between Europe and Australia, I will have to wait a few hours.

And sure enough a few hours later.....all was sorted. Connected the tomtom to tomtom home and down came the new maps.

I was very impressed with the TomTom phone support, no time wasted in spin, just straight to the problem and the solution was produced and carried out...

All sorted....

Full marks to the TomTom telephone support team..

Can't say much for the web support though.


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I live in England and therefore have no telephone numbers I can call to get tomtom support and have to rely on an AWFUL web support system. I bought a tomtom which it turned out had akready been used previously, but because I was registered already with tomtom I couldn't get a replacement tomtom registered for SIX months, by which time my free map download and half my guarantee time would have expired. The support in the UK is AWFUL.


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Anonymous wrote:
I live in England and therefore have no telephone numbers I can call to get tomtom support ...

I was not impressed at all. AWFUL!

Call this next time:
- TomTom phone support UK: 0845 161 0009 or 0207 387 5444



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I just got my TomTom recently. The latest map wasn't showing up as available for download. I called TomTom and had someone answer almost right way and they took care of getting me the map. Then something was messed up on the map activation so I had to call back. Again I had less than a 30 sec wait to get someone on the phone. It took about 1/2 hr to get the problem fixed up but they were very patient and helpful. I was quite impressed especially after hearing some TomTom support horror stories.
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Tomtom phone support is more effective than e-mail support.
For email, I did once contact than, and got the reply after 3 days
It is way too slow.
But my phone, I got the answer in least than and hour (but it takes me a whole to get to the problem and "fix" it).
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I bought TomTom 6100 with free Lifetime World Maps and when I attempted to download the maps from their rubbish web site it tried to charge my credit card for downloading the free maps. Wasted hours trying to get it to run. It is a bank holiday and they do not answer the phone. Grounded on Bank Holiday with no support.
Have owned TomTom in the past and they were good. This new model 6100 is not that good.

A TT user


Post Connection and information failures     
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Endless problems over the past months with the traffic information being lost. Tried numerous cures under TomTom guidance. No improvement.

Now the cameras don't show up either.

The latest: TomTom promised to ring me last Friday, after 1 pm. Now it's Monday and I am still waiting.

guest jwilly41


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September 2016 and the TomTom site is still rubbish. There is no information regarding contact by phone for UK customers, and when you do find the number which is 0207 387 5444 you wait for ever listening to the most dismal music I have ever heard. Wake up Tom, Garmin are still on the market you know!



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They are dreadfull. The only thing you can't find is a TomTom worker nowhere, and if you dare to call the main office; they place you on hold for about 8 minutes; to disconnect totally; unless you choose the number that links to sales; than you get to talk to somebody. So: buy something or bugger off.


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I called today on the 0207 number. Answered within 15 seconds and my enquiry dealt with quickly and efficiently. Call over in 3 minutes with problem solved.



Post UK TomTom telephone support (June 2017)     
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I telephoned the UK number today (13-Jun-2017). I was answered promptly by a helpful lady who did all that she could to resolve my problem (incorrect POI on 6100, same POI cannot be found in TomTom MyDrive in order to correct online).



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Phoned the tom-tom helpline today 28/6/17 at 15:38 I was put through to customer support only to be told that the office was closed mon-fri 9am to 6pm. Some one either can't tell the time or have bunked off early.

Not good enough Tom-Tom!!


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Awful is not the word for TOMTOM support! For the second day I have rung. For the second day, I get a very faint voice mumbling something rapidly. When I ask them to speak up and repeat slower - they end the call!
No, I do not have problems with any other call centres. No, I am not prejudiced.

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