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GPS: Navman F20

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I have bought a F20 Navman and connectivity kit. How do I go about installing the red light and speed camera POI database? According to the ebay site, the download is not for the F20. Is this correct? I have been struggling with this for over 2months now and am getting fed up!

Disgruntled Navman customer
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I agree that Navman should do it better with Fx0 series.
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Wsup? I had the same frustration with my F20 kit that I bought and I've been in contact with Navman support and they suggested the following, which I followed and now it work GREAT!

They said that several factors can affect the inter-device communication between the F20 and the PC. The F20 needs to be connected directly to a free USB Port on your PC, rather than through a USB hub or similar.

Security software such as an anti-virus real-time scanner or a software firewall may prevent the two machines from communicating. Disabling these types of software may be necessary in order to allow correct communication.

The USB device drivers may not have been installed correctly initially due to the device having been connected during initial setup. To reinstall the drivers, please try the steps below:

Removal of Driver File

a) Open system properties on your PC by right clicking on the My Computer icon and clicking properties.

b) Click on the Hardware tab.

c) Click on Device Manager.

d) Expand the USB device tab by clicking on the plus symbol.

e) Right click on Navman F-Series. Select Properties. Select driver. Click on Uninstall. Close device manager and System properties.

f) Unplug your Navman F20.

g) Open My Computer. Double click on your C drive (may have a different letter assigned to it depending on your PC).

h) Double click on Windows then double click on System32 and then open the Drivers Folder.

i) Find a file called Navcar (Navcar.sys) and delete it.

j) Restart your PC.

Removal of Navman Software

a) Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel.

b) Click on Add or Remove Programs.

c) Find Navman F Series Desktop or Update Program.

d) Click on Change/Remove.

e) Follow the on screen prompts.

f) Close Add or Remove Programs and Control Panel.

g) Open My Computer, C Drive, Program Files, Navman

h) Delete the F Series Desktop or Update Program folder.

You will now need to install the software using the CD or the download package. Insert the CD and follow the on screen prompts. Please ensure that your Navman is not connected to your PC while you are doing this, as this can cause issues with the driver installation.

Once the installation is complete restart your PC again. You should now be able to use the Navman F20. I hope this helps as it work for me!


Best regards,

John Hudson.

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