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Hi - My F20 is unable to detect internal memory - is this a hardware problem?


GPS: Tom Tom XL IQ Edition 340

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Not sure but have you tried to use the reset button located under the bottom of the device, just near the gold connectors
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mines the same and iv tryed pressing it and it diddnt work so anyone got any answers im stumped



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I have only had my navman F40 Europe since July and it has gone down 4 times saying that it cannot find the internal memory!! On three occasions it responded to the reset button but not anymore

I am now awaiting a reply from Navman as to where to return it to as I bought it via QVC.


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my f 30 is the same i think if the unit has been dropped then the internal memory becomes un plugged it quite easy to fix but when taking the unit apart you must ensure the little ribbon bable leading to the contacts on the bottom is connected hope this helps



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i phoned up navman, they send me out a returns box the next day, it had to go to Scotland then came back repaired, they said it was a common software fault




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My F20 packed up on Sunday 9th March with he "can't find internal memory message".

Called the 0844 UK number on Monday 10th March and the phone was answered by a human in 3 rings (nice surprise). He told me to package and post it to Gatwick address, which I did Monday afternoon.

10:34am Tuesday 11th March - email recieved acknowledging reciept of unit at Gatwick.

11:43am Tuesday 11th March - 2nd email recieved quoting dispatch number of replacement/repaired unit.

1 hour, 9 mins turnaround !!!!




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Hi everybody

I have the same problem with my Navman F50: "unable to detect internal memory".
I tried several ways such as rebooting, switching the SD card on the left, but anyway...

I then removed the micro SD card in the GPS and tried to read it on my pc but it is impossible. Windows says it can not read the format. I also tried with a Linux but no more result...

So, did anybody ever try to read this micro SD card ? What is on ? In the right case, could you send me the datas ?
And in the case where the problem does not rely on this micro SD card, do you have another idea ?

Thanks a lot.




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I followed the advice of Meld3, rang Navman Customer Support on 08448000912, answered straight away, they checked my serial number, seems as though first two digits refer to year of manufacture and then said OK will repair it under warranty, no proof of purchase needed. And they send the prepaid package!


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Right mine started to do this at about 15 months old, it had not been used for a few months.

So took it apart, to find the microcard inside as I assumed it may be the problem.

My first thought was why is it moving about so "moved" it about a bit and switched unit on, straight away it worked again, so assume that vibration could cause the card to disconnect, in my case to cure this I dripped some candle wax onto the chip and main pcb, still working at moment. Bluetack or similar could also work.

I'll try it out and see if it remains ok.

hope this helps others.


GPS Guru


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This error on the F series is an intermittant one. Removing the micro sd will NOT solve the problem. The device physically needs to go for repair where they change the motherboard.

If you try and copy the contents from one micro sd card to another, ITS NOT going work.
The Micro SD contains the maps and some software licence. Call Navman if its in the 2 year warranty they will repair free of charge.
They send out padded boxes to have the devices shipped. Excellent service

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