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I could really use a PIO database of roadworks in my area. Idealy these could be avoided when plotting course in much the same way toll roads can be avoided etc.
How can I create a POI file so that I could avoid the points in it? Do I just call it "Traffic", and select to avoid traffic?
(In Melbourne we do not have a fm traffic data service, so this function cannot be used here)
I could create a poi file each week for planned roadworks as listed by Vicroads (metro and country). Would this sort of thing be of interest to others?
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Good idea. You can create and manage that POI file here.
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Great idea - particularly if you can link the roadworks to a speed warning. Roadworks seem to pay for themselves in speeding fines for unwary drivers
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While I agree with your request, however, it paused another question, Has anyone compiled a Pedestrians Crossings POI in Australia yet?
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wouldnt a roadwork poi need to be updated constantly dont see how its accurate but i guess if someone wanted to put the time in daily to do it it would be possible.
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I can see how it would be useful for longer road occupations like additional lanes in freeways, or grade separations of level crossings.

These can often take months or somtimes years.
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Major roadworks can run for months and are planned a year in advance. It would be reasonable to incorporate them - I'd certainly use them
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Council should contact satnav vendors, ideally within 24 hour of start/completion of major roadworks.
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