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i am having great problems getting my pc to reconise the navman device.When i fire up smartST i get a box saying smartST cannot detect my navman i have reset navman stoped sygate i have the july update for mobile and fixed cams but just cannot get the smartST to reconise it.Microsoft ActiveSync says its connected ok any help would be great thanks for a great forum

fat santa


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I downloaded both the connection pack software but also couldn't do anything as it didn't detect the device when connected via the USB cable.
I eventually lost patience with the device 3 days in to owning it and gave it back to ARGOS. The speaker was particularly irritating as I had it set to about 30% volume and it still vibrated !
The Navman is all show and no trousers - beautiful maps but you don't look at them much while driving.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in SatNav Discussion forum Reply to topic navman N20
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