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Developing a store locator application for your website is quite easy these days. We offer this service for free to you and your visitors. You can easily list, edit, delete and download all business locations as a GPS/Smartphone POI file. Your customers will love to easily find and download your business address, location and contact details. We can list your file as a "Restricted Use", "Location Only", "State Only" or as a "Free for All" (Country Level) GPS POI file like:

Our free POI listing service and API development & support are free and will remain free. We will never ask you to pay for a free listing.

Small businesses:
Medium and big businesses:
GPS, smartphone Apps developers and webmasters:

We do not bring visitors to your website only, we bring real people to your listed locations.


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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in GPS POI Tools forum Reply to topic Store Locator API
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