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Hi, I am waiting for the Navman F50. I know people with the F20 and they are very happy with it. I wanted the F50 because of the Bluetooth and traffic module.

I have being reading a lot of reviews and I anm now concerned. whth the traffic module, firslty you need to wire a cable around your windscreen. I dont like the sound of that, espicially as I will be in and out of rental cars all the time. Secondly it depends on if you can pick up classic fm, if the module works or not.

Does anyone have info on the F50. Is it new and improved or have Navman just bundled all their problems into one product.

If anyone can she light on this for me that would be great.



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I have a navman F30, which is the same as the F50 but with no Bluetooth. The traffic section has a plug in aerial which needs to simply be in the window to work. If you are going to use in hire cars, then just clip it over a sun visor. As for the system, it works well. The nav features are basic, but it gets you from A to B well, and the traffic system seems to work much better than Garmin or TomTom offerings



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Just bought the F50 and taken it on a long jouney around Southern England and back to Wales. The traffic module aerial is not a problem, you can safely lay it across the top of the dashboard and it works well. No problem in transferring it from car-to-car, and it flagged up accidents or congestion much quicker than they were reported on the local/national radio stations.

The mapping was faultless on the way down, but a little bit "iffey" on the way back, kept wanting to either head for the motorways or go down B-roads/through towns rather than use the A-roads which was the sensible option. Not sure if this was down to the settings I had it on though, as it was the first outing with it.

All in all, happy with it so far, will probably need to use it more and get more familiar with it, to get the most out of it.

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I have been in the market for a new Navman... I was told by the shop assistant that a new series of NAVMAN would be out.
Just wanting to know more about the F50 model.... specs/price and all of that...
Any good sites for info and pics ??


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