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I used Tomtom for many years and anyone thinking of getting a satnav I would always swear by tomtom to get one. Roll on many years later, Tomtom, what have you done. The best satnav device is going backwards to the point of useless. I've had a few Tomtoms with remote control, the best device satnav for ease of use. Now everyone is complaining, no signal, lose signal, can't find signal. Now, if anyone asks what satnav to get, I now keep quiet about Tomtom. What a shame. Tomtom you WERE the best.


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I thought if I spend a few dollars I would have a usable product with few problems, what a fool I was, I have a TomTom go supreme, as I live in a police state called New Soth Wales which delights in creating as much confusion as possible with regard to speed limits and them pounds everybody they can with fines with strategically placed cameras.
After this has cost me a few dollars and more importantly points, do you guys know how long that are active now when it was fist forced down our chocking throats it was 12 month, or so I believe.
I do not speed the lats few fines were from roads where the speed limits had been reduced to 40K ... over 40K and you are a mindless killer according to the government.
HMMM, I am ranting so I brought this shiny new TomTom and thought I would receive timely alerts about cameras, as this was mentioned on the box. TomTom hardly ever alerts me ANY camera.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in TomTom forum Reply to topic Tomtom going backwards
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