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marilyn sychra


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I rented a car from you while my auto was in for repairs. My insurance paid for it. Subsequently i lost the keys to the rental car and called and told you. I was told new keys would have to be cut, and I would have to pay for the expense. . I found the keys the next day and immediately returned them. You charged me another $280 and I paid it, thinking the insurance would cover the expense. I was told by your office that I would not be charged the $280 since no new keys had to be made and that I would be reimbursed that expense. I waited and waited and waited to be reimbursed and received nothing. I called a number of times and was told that it would be several weeks. This went on for 8 weeks, until I called and said i was reporting your company to the Iowa Attorney General's Consumer Fraud Office. I then called your Damage Recovery Unit. Taylor there told me that NO REPLACEMENT KEYS HAD BEEN MADE AND I SHOULD NOT BE CHARGED FOR THEM. Then I got some action going, and the $280 was in my account on Jan 8.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Topics forum Reply to topic Enterprise Rent-A-Car Urbandale IA
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