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Stopped at this garage for EV top up. Had factored in a half hour stopover for this. Starbucks on site, so was looking forward to nice coffee and bun.
Charging point worked fine but badly lit. Starbucks very dark and entrance round back and in dark corner. Lights on but shutters down and locked. This was at 6.30pm. Sat in car for 15 mins then had to use toilets at BP garage. These are absolutely disgusting. A man arrived at the same time as me to find the gents toilets padlocked. His need seemed more urgent than mine so I let him use the ladies. He was quick and I went in after he had finished. The floor was awash with water. There was a bolt but nothing to slip it into. Floor wet so I was not going to jam my handbag against door. Had to take my chances that no one would barge in. Come on BP. Motorists are human beings. You offer us all sorts of goodies in your stores so please offer us decent toilet facilities.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Topics forum Reply to topic BP Witham
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