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Dear Sir

I am wondering when this shop is going to get clean up outside and at the back of this SPAR SHOP... I have written before but nothing has got done with the mess it is in flattened cans PLASTIC and goodness knows what else have been outside for months with paper etc. blowing about couldn't you at least put a bin outside for the rubbish... also at the back crates and trolleys have also been there for months and some years and now there is a carpet new fridges have been added to the shop nice but the old equipment is thrown in the back adding to the mess, in this day there is no need for this awful situation attracting rats and so forth does nobody believe in sweeping up these days....

I do hope you can do something about this mess as it is not really a good advertisement to this shop and to the residents in Sandhurst Road.. the other Spar further up Victoria Road always looks neat and tidy...

I do not like complaining but on this occasion I feel I have to...

Yours Faithfull Glenys Lakin x

Your Name


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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Topics forum Reply to topic SPAR Victoria Road
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