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Hello, I am trying to list my business, but when ending I see:
Please use at least one of the available verification methods to complete the submission process:
-Monthly listing verification (Recommended - Fast & Easy, with Paypal).
- ETC.
- ETC.

What does it mean, with "Paypal". I mean, we are a small company manufacturer, we do not sell directly (only b2b), so we don't have paypal. What is the monthly cost if I list my company?




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Hi Mike,
Well, you can't use what you don't have. We use PayPal to verify your submissions as we, for privacy reasons, do not collect or keep any private info about you or your customers. Our listing are free (I do not count a coin-per-month as a fee, if you choose to use PayPal).

Please feel free to use any other verification method instead:
- Register and send me a PM to review and activate your entry, or
- You can ask your web admin to set a domain verification (a bit slower, but works well), or
- Ask your listing agent to resubmit the listing and confirm your submission.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Installation Support forum Reply to topic List your business - Verification
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