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GPS: Garmin DriveSmart 61

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Hi @all,

I'm new here (just registered). I have had a first look to the safety POI files for Denmark and there I got an idea/suggestion.

Isn't it an idea to separate the safty cam categories to sub-categories for each speed (for e.g. mobile 50 km/h, mobile 80kmh and so on) Then the users can download one file for each speed.
I think then it's much more easier to edit the data for personal speed and proximity alert, because every sub-categorie has the same personal settings.

For example...
For a 50 km/h speed cam, my Garmin Drivesmart needs a speed alert setting of 61 km/h to give an alarm at a driven speed >50 km/h and I like to set a proximity alert to 100 meter for that speed...
For a 110 km/h cam I choose a speed alert >110 km/h, but the setting must be 121 and the distance I choose is 300 meters.
(The +10 km/h more are caused by a garmin software bug. Sad But it seemed, that Garmin is not interested to solve it.)

Maybe the Data-Team will think about these sub-categories?

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Installation Support forum Reply to topic Categories for POIs
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