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I have gotten salads from this new location (6180) several times without any problems, other than being out of tea more than once. I usually eat in the evenings on my way home from work, due to the fact I live just south of the restaurant. The young ladies are always friendly and react with the customers very well. Tonight, I was a little upset. I am not a mean or "nose in the air" type of person. After the young lady made my salad, she went to retrieve a bowl and lo and behold, there were no bowls. How do you expect for people to serve your customers with no product? It is not this young lady's fault. She tried to call the manager a couple times with no luck so she said she had to call the area manager, or whoever, that's not my business. She was very apologetic and by no means was telling me company procedure. I was very patient and never got upset. While figuring out what to do, I went to get some tea. Hmmm Again, both tea containers were empty. The young ladies said they had just got to work and the shift before kind of left them hanging. The manager finally said to apologize and they put my salad IN A LID and wrapped it with plastic wrap. Anybody else would have left. and been on the phone with corporate. Again, I was patient. I have worked retail for many years, so I know the previous shift should have had the following shift ready to serve customers. With so many things left in trouble, they were struggling. I will continue to use this store because it is more convenient that the one across the freeway. I will continue to go there and the young ladies know me and have a good attitude. I hope the next time I go that things will be better for the ladies so they can better serve your customers. Somebody farther up the food chain needs to be sure this does not happen again. DO NOT hold the ladies at fault, they did good, considering.

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