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1250 West Apt


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My name is Michelle S. I am the Leasing Manager at 1250 West apt homes. I have been dealing with this mail situation for years and just do not understand as to why it can not be fixed. I have spoke with several mail carriers on this route and Manager Betty informing all of them that this RTS mail is over whelming and ridiculous. I have resident complaining daily not understand as to why the wrong mail keeps getting placed in the wrong mailbox. When I say overwhelming, its bins and bins and bins of RTS/IA mail. I asked all the carriers if they can please place the green slips in the mailboxes so we can get this under control. They explained to me that it'll take a week to get through all the mailboxes and that they would like me to send an e-mail to all the residents about the outgoing mail issue. Which I did my part and notified all residents not to place junk mail, coupons, flyers things of that sort in outgoing mail. I have been touching basis with the residents and comes to find out the green slips that the carriers said they'll put in there was not done. I have given rent rolls to the carriers so they will know who is current. I even took it a step further and e-mailed it twice to Betty, , the supervisor, and nothing still has been done. I have been complying with the carriers request about outgoing mail but nobody has held there part of the deal. I and the residents still have wrong mail coming. I can see if its a few pieces here and there but its not. its bins and bins of wrong mail. according to one of your carrier its not just us its the whole entire route that has this issue. so does that mean that no one cares about there job nor this situation. I need someones help because I cant get no one to help me at the Westside annex location in Marietta, GA. if you would like to speak with me contact me at 770.425.9117.

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