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I am a almost daily customer as I live close by. I would like to commend very heartily Cheryl, hopefully the correct spelling, for her friendliness and her work ethic. She is the only employee that I have ever seen mopping the floor, more than once. I never see her sitting down and she remembers if I want a bag or not.

I don't know her well but understand that she spends a couple days a week taking care of her mother and working a second job. I work in the service industry and am so impressed with her professionalism. I Thank-you for such a great employee. It brings me back to your store when other employees are so grumpy that I don't want to see them when I drive up (only one) the others are great. Thank-you for listening. I feel that it is important to commend a person when they deserve it, it is not done enough. Koodos to Cherly, she brings customers back. You are lucky to have an employee like her!

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Topics forum Reply to topic Shell Traverse City/MICHIGAN 49686-5122
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