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guest in Essex


Post sat nav leads to wrong location for courier deliveries     
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Hi Mark

Apologies for jumping in on this thread as I see a lot of others also have.

I have tried to list my location using the link given, but I see that once the system finds the location on map (using longitude and latitude), it only gives option to copy and paste link to a website.

Can you update the gps system please as I've been at my new build for 3 years and still couriers are not able to locate.

The postcode is CM6 1DD

Longitude = 0.28283870053132887

Latitude = 51.86680011007447

Can you help please? How long will it take for GPS systems to update aprox?

Thank you in advance.


Post Postcode is shown as incorrect location on maps     
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Mark, I've updated all relevant agencies / companies concerned.
Many thanks

Your Name


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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Technology forum Reply to topic Postcode CM6 1DD
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