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Visited this location last evening around 9:20pm customer sevice at the drive thru if were to be rated was very poor. If you are not courteous to your customers at the window or counter you should not be out front. I ordered a wing dinner which is not on your outside menu and the young man could not quote a price for a 3 piece dinner or four, things got worse from there. I was not asked what side I wanted but was told what sides came with my order at the window.In all my experiences customers are asked which ones they would like not told. The young man's behavior didn't improve when I mentioned this to him. He was very rude and in my opinion doesn't know the meaning of customer courtesy which keeps restaurants in business not to mention the quality and the appearance of the food. My items were not even warm and the biscuit was very hard on top,very watery cole slaw, not the first time for the cole slaw at this location. Improvements are much needed. The organizations I am affiliated with uses KFC on at lot of occasions something your company should be concerned about. One dissatisfied customer effects your reputation as much as several customers.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Topics forum Reply to topic KFC Lakeland FL 33809
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