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A friend and I went to your location a week or two ago. I happened to order the chicken pot pie. It was so good that we came again this past Tuesday. I happened to order the same thing. I was so disappointed. The first time I ordered it, there was lots of chicken, very few veggies and the sauce with thick and a white color. This past Tuesday there was a limited amount of chicken, which was not the issue, a fair amount of veggies but the sauce was of a soup texture, in fact I did complain to the server who just supplied me with a spoon. I was so disappointed at that point I left it and was going to fill out one of your customer cards, but there were none at the door exit where they normally are and because the welcoming area was empty we just decided to leave.
The question came about again tonight; only there were four of us, instead of just two. Perkins, the Royal Forks, or Joeys and I totally, refused to go to your restaurant because the only thing that I would have wanted would have been the chicken pot pie and my friend agreed how disappointed she was with it too, she tried mine both times. We all decided to go elsewhere. My question is, do you have different chefs on different days, are some days better than others?
Please let us know, or should we just forget about you and find a new restaurant?

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Topics forum Reply to topic Perkins Winnipeg Regent
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