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I am 70+ years of age and had to visit my local centrelink office today in Taree. I explained my problem to the staff member at the door who told me I couldn't be helped as there was no staff available to do so. If I wanted to wait 3 or 4 hours I might get someone to help me. Needless to say I left very annoyed. For god sake with the amount of people looking for work why is there no staff? Friendly and compassionate staff would also help a great deal.
Gary Banning.

Marea Beetson


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I have spent the last two hours trying to contact Centrelink Taree to tell them I want to change my bank details that my husband's disability pension and my carers pension are paid into. After trying every number I could find, all of which dialled busy or gave me automated options, I finally had to give up and no doubt I'll have to travel in tomorrow, and face a lengthy wait, or repeat the phone process again! Surely amongst the multiple numbers listed, there could be one number manned by a living being that either takes your call or takes your number and returns your call as you progress to Caller No 1. Time to up your performance, Centrelink!
Marea Beetson

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Topics forum Reply to topic Centrelink Taree
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