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len Marks


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I am a local Drugs & Alcohol Counsellor trying to set up an In-service with Centrelink and their local social worker.
I cannot get past the automated system, I have tried a few different numbers and approaches with no luck. This is an incredibly frustrating experience for me, I can't begin to imagine how frustrating this would be for your clients, especially those with low phone credit, in financial need, already under all manner of burden.
Seriously, this is not what I pay tax for.



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Ien i know what you are saying. I myself am not at this stage on any Payment but i know of a few people that are. My son for example is on a payment and is suffering depression ( Diagnosed) Well with this plus like others limited money i have seen him be put on hold for that long one day his Credit on Phone ran out!!! I put in a Formal Complaint about this and also about another time when ONE Call cost him $46.83 in call costs on his Mob. Never have i had any reply to these Complaints. I have also spoken to C/Link staff about people suffering Diagnosed Depression etc and by them being given the Run Around etc does NOT really help and then when some of these people end up abusing or going off at Staff its ALL the customer fault. Sorry C/Link No Its NOT!!! Also there should be a C/Link Office put it other Suburbs in Townsville as those living in Northen beaches area who dont have transport and limited Public transport out here ( still have to have spare money) and those people living in other Outer areas of this City should have a small office! Life is costly enough and hard enough for a lot of these people without having it added to by having to try and find a way to the Only Office here which can be of great distance from where they live!!

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in POI Updates and Downloads forum Reply to topic Centrelink In-service
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