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boater guy


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My new Galaxy Sky Android 6.0.1 can't download maps. I get error 808 internet connection not detected. I could use data but I don't have enough. WIFI seems to work on all other programs.

Bob H.


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I ran into this when I attempted to update my maps. It stalled 20% of the way through and I could not get it to get further than 20%. Finally I cancelled out of Maps completely. This left me with no map at all. Restarted app and got this Error 808 claiming "No Internet connection". The Wi-Fi internet connection was just fine and worked with browser, etc. I do not have a data plan on my phone, and never have. Original installation of CoPilot was done with WiFi only setup on my phone and worked perfectly. I paid $8 and got the voice directions option which also worked just fine. Uninstalled app and reinstalled, logged in, and then it gave same error 808. I am stuck.

Bob H.


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I used to have a functioning phone with Copilot, UNTIL I attempted a map update.

THE FOLLOWING IS MY WILD GUESS: It is nowhere documented that I can find, but some time in the past year or so I believe that Copilot switched to requiring a mobile internet (i.e., "Data") connection for initial installation and map upgrades. Thereafter, it will function fine with no Data or WiFi internet connection.

When I first installed it I had only WiFi (as I do now) and the installation and initial map download as well as paid option for voice direction commands all installed and functioned just fine. UNTIL the MAP UPDATE today!

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in CoPilot forum Reply to topic Copilot servers error 808
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