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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
201 TomTom PDA version flexibility on uploading external files gps connection takes time
202 halil TomTom One 3rd Ed Very happy with the performance and the lack of spoken street names is not deemed a detraction. I simply need to have directions on when and where to turn. I have no intention of attempting to read and confirm street names when using a my TT. Start up time can be a bit slow at times and the battery dies too quickly whilst the TT is not in use. 7
203 anders610m TomTom GO 730 Just bought it... Easy setup, lots of options Still not too happy with TomToms way of drawing maps. Expensive updates 4
204 segue815 TomTom Go 930 I love my TomTom and take it everywhere. I love the colours, the responsiveness, and the amazing job it does getting me to where I need to go with no hassles. It is very intuitive when I need to change the route. I love that it syncs with the FM radio so I can hear it, if I use the sound option. It does not interface with my Blackberry World Edition. So, I am not able to use the hands-free calling feature, or other features that work through a cell phone. Im really sad about that-have contacted Blackberry, but... 9
205 john3333 TomTom One 3rd Edition PC software interface easier than Garmin No speed cameras data for South Africa available from TomTom 6
206 liu_zengsheng TomTom GO 920T The TomTom GO 920 is great! It now included all the functions in the 930(the IQ Route and the ALG) Mapshare is not working. 8
207 andysawiak tomtom 920T wireless transmitter Doesn't have advanced lane control 6
208 FastKatt TomTom OneXL Low Cost
Easy To Use
Connects To My VZW Phone Easily
No Computer Voices No FM Transmitter No Hands Free Calling 7
209 mick.coleman Garmin nuvi760 & tomtom Go730 1. widescreen
2. clear display in sunlight
1. A little difficult navigating around the menus 2. Phone sounds tinny and echoes for person on other end. 1
210 kevinjt TomTom Go 730 Accurate, easy to use. Has bluetooth to phone. Able to use as handsfree mobile. Battery life not very good. Would like a camera similar to the Navman N60i I used to own. 7
211 vmelik TomTom one Good reliable device Battery lasts 2 hours. High cost of new maps 8
212 robert.fisher tomtom 720 Easy to use, used all over Europe, extremly
reliable and accurate
changing POI data to be displayed, in different areas of menu 9
213 sw20921 Tomtom 930 Still does most things that the newer models do Bulky, bad inbuilt bluetooth microphone 6
214 TomTom One Ease Of Use
Battery Life Good
Bluetooth Conectivity to Sony Mobile Phone Suction Cap Does Not Stay In Place 7
215 peter1111 Tomtom go720 quick to update route info and very customizable Hands free locks up all the time 7
216 stuartam Tomtom one xl large screen easy interface. seems to be stable on navcore software easy backup
not able to save itinery as favourite 7
217 francois TomTom ONE 3G Aweseme customization features. Software runs on Mac. Map seems to be less updated than the Garmins for Canada. 7
218 alan302 TomTom XL 340 Fast re-calculation if turn is missed.
Excellent route calculation.
Sometimes will not respond to loaded POI and unit will lock up requiring reboot of phone 9
219 chris1 TomTom 910 Large storage area wont turn off automatically 8
220 anthony.hayden3 TomTom Go 300 Very Happy with the Tomtom Go 300 So far i have found the tomtom Go 300 a great Gps.It is quick to calculate and accurate 9
221 sdingo123 TomTom GO 300 accurate MAP and easy to read because of the large font size not so easy to find POIs, wish to have a good find function. 4
222 agcheavin TomTom GO 910 quick to find any location, ease of use and fairly accurate daylight readability poor, week windscreen mount 8
223 diverlefty TomTom Diver (1st Edition) Good overall GPS especially on the bike. The 2nd edition is better though
No external speaker - Must use headphones 8
224 ozracerboy TomTom One pretty good. I use TT One in the truck everyday,and it is great. Maps too expensive still. otherwise no probs 7
225 ehibbie TomTom ONE Simple to use. Good screen layout. Updating through Tomtom Home somtimes with to many errors. 8
226 wokwon Tomtom Go 720 Text to speech, quick fix fast lock on. Slow to boot. Mount goes a bit floppy when hot. 7
227 paulvandrews TomTom GO 710 Excellent software, satellite updates reduce startup time. A bit heavy and some mounts are not strong enough th hold it steady. 8
228 dahur1 TomTom go 300 Able to modify the software (add POI, and voices, etc.), is very hassle free.

Works great
Havent found any yet. Price is fair, and it works as expected 9
229 narsamma Tomtom 920, TomTom VIA 160 very easy to use and add poi very straight forward menu i first bought a 910 but returned it 3 times with hard drive problems then settled for the one very easy to personalize

best bit of gear i have bought never get lost now
hard drive had to be replaced 9
230 mo2002chemist TomTom One Regional I use it every day and find it user friendly A sun shade for use in bight sunlight would be handy 7
231 aussievik TomTom 910 One of the loudest units on the market and easy to use being able to buy accessories for my unit is very restricted. 8
232 janae28 TomTom GO 500 great device covered over 50,000km with few issues viewing in strong sunlight 8
233 theinsideoutshop TomTom GO 910 Highly recommended   8
234 sikls1 TomTom GO 910 TomTom GO 910, easy to user, up and running within minutes. Great windows interface, still learning. I am making my own POIs now, not hard to make at all, with the use of the online POI Tool that GPS DATA Team provide. Read about the window bracket is no good. Version 2 mounting bracket repaired already add some cloth to the ball area. Have received my New Window bracket from Tomtom Australia, will keep it as a spare. 8
235 dayv_c TomTom One Gets me where I want to be, most of the time. Maps are often wrong. I guess its not really a device fault as such, but a pain none the less. 7
236 chewd88 TomTom Navigator 6 Most of the features are excellent Slow when using Windows mobile 6 7
237 ajsbonneville TomTom One, garmin navi 40 Easy to use, easy to upgrade, lots of forums to read about it. Crap Aussie maps. Poor battery time. 9
238 rackbrain TomTom GO 720 This model has many worthwhile features such as you might never use or need ( MP3 player, FM transmitter and Bluetooth). This is a well-known and, apparently, liked brand. The 4.3-inch touch-screen is dreadful and almost unusable because of glare. Battery life. Voice recognition. 5
239 Gusbo TomTom Go 720 Great device with quick routing. FM Transmitter is too weak & completely useless when in Europe! 8
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