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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
151 Tomtom One XL HD traffic Easy to update - plug it in and let tomtom home do the rest!

Nice that you can operate it through tomtom home and add routes via google.
Battery - the battery is rubbish! it doesnt even last one day when its turned off!! Not a problem as such as I use it via in car charger.
152 everyonesfriends tomtom xl Junction lane markings, self updating if better route found, auto zoom near junctions and final destination, good easy touchscreen operation Slow boot up, can be a bit laggy 7
153 haigelbagel Tomtom XL 340 Works ok once you get used to it. Not outstanding but fair. Bit glitchy at times. VERY POOR that it is advertised to have the cameras installed but you have to pay $50 to unlock them. Grrrr! 4
154 glennth TomTom for Windows Mobile Means you dont need to carry an additional item Accuracy not as good as dedicated unit 5
155 gilan TomTom 325 XL I like it. Dont need all the bells and whistles on the expensive models. This GPS is all you need. would be nice to have better edit feature on POI names. You can only make capital letter on first word on any POI name. 7
156 tonysavage1 TomTom Very good software and easy to update and add POIs - use SD card which makes updating easy on pc. Getting long in the tooth now but still solid performer. 8
157 mrak TOMTOM Go 930 nice wide screen don't get this, save your money and get the 730, the only difference in this to the 730 is you get the maps for america, europe and nz, the other feature about workng in tunnels to get better reception DOESN'T WORK 6
158 rljoice Tomtom Go720 The Tomtom Go720 does everything well and is easy to use. Software updates provide wins and losses. Wish they would advise what the result will be. 8
159 teecherman TomTom XL I have a TomTom XL. This is the first GPS device I have ever used and once you get over the initial lack of trust in technology, I t has navigated me through capital cities, country roads and small towns with equal ease.

Because the screen is small the maps seem to be overly cluttered and the positioning of locations can get a little tricky. 9
160 david.archer TomTom Go920 Lane guidance
Fast recalculation of routes
Good traffic situation information
Excellent GPS reception
Not very stable interface with Mac - files easily corrupted Online help not easy to locate; incomplete GPS has poor battery life; almost need to remain connected to adaptor FM transmission to car radio poor 5
161 barry.atkins TomTom 720 I have both TomTom and Garmin GPS units. I find the TomTom units to be far more user friendly in that they are more Plug & Go units with little need to learn how to use them. My Garmin Zumo 550 takes forever to draw up its maps when you select a destination... It seems I could drive through 1 or 2 suburbs before it is ready to navigate... VERY frustrating indeed..! 4
162 deecode TomTom Go 930 Performs excellently after a steep learning curve. I missed many turns because of turning too soon. Its the difference between European and US methods. Unless youre comfortable with turn right in 750 yds, then just drive the car and have a buddy use the GPS. 6
163 malgeorge Tomtom Go 950 Live Only had a few days.
At the moment I am impressed. I upgrades from a Go 710.
Live makes checks every 3 minutes. During these checks it seems to miss safety cameras if you pass one at this time. 7
164 p-13333 eten X800i / TomTom All in one device (GPS, Phone, PDA, camera) Not too good quality. As a GPS works fine, the phone and the camera are... not reliable. And as a PDA it has some tendency to eat memory. 5
165 transitdoctor TomTom 740, Garmin 1690 & Magellan 3100 740 Live - IQ Routes
Garmin 1690 - 2YR data plan included; MRC for data services is to be lower than TomTom Live services
740 Live does not announce on which side of street destination is; it shows it visvually via an arrow. 740 Live sometimes will reboot while in use. Slow to recalculate route. 4
166 site.control TomTom One speed alert function
spoken street names
many inadequacies in speed limit & mapping information 7
167 falconfun2001 tomtom 6 Nothing interesting in TOmTOm after using Miomaps on a Mio A701

I rate as 3-4, just a basic navigation software when you cannot use your Miomaps on a new GPS device!!
no installed POI Does not show altitude No capabilities for trip planning using multiple Via Points- only accepts 1 via point 2
168 sss043458 TomTom GO720 Simple to use. Cannot find a street unless you know the suburb. Cannot start search by street name. 7
169 stevebonning TomTom One Price, quality, graphics small screen, no spoken street names 6
170 euridge TomTom One v3 30 Good portable unit, with clear spoken directions.
Good strong signal reception.
Lack of waypoints or Itinerary planner is a real minus. Only having the ability to go from A to B not A to B via C does not allow you to select route or plan a trip. This outweighs its strengths. 1
171 kurt3 Tomtom 930T Good navigation system, double maps, which is an advantage for me (European travelling often to the US) Bluetooth remote isnt always functioning 7
172 shellhw Tomtom Navigator 6 Easy enough GUI, good boot and response time for Phone based app.
No route recording, limited options for route type 7
173 russandlouise TomTom One v2 Better than the AA map of Europe Where do I start ?! 7
174 bc979-1 TomTom Go 930T Intuitive interface, maintains a signal quite well after getting a lock. Full of features! GPS signal reception is not very good without an external antenna. TomTom provides a simplified version of their European map on the device, not the full version (extra $90 for full version). 7
175 scott333 TomTom 140S terrific value for the $
text to speech
advanced IQ routing
lane assist
itinerary: multiple routing
small slim portable size
very compact ez mount bracket
includes maps of: USA, Canada, and Mexico
no sd card. fixed memory 2 GB latest TomTom map upgrade will not fit, waiting for TomTom to come up with a promised solution 8
176 stig.aurstad TomTom One New edt. simple to use, intuitive graphic user interface. slow on recalculation of a new route, bad reception. 4
177 SCFieldsy TomTom one XL Safety Alert Features, Visuals, Flexibility, Available Free downloads and updates No audible street names, only distances and directions to next turn 7
178 zak.taemur TomTom XL Europe - Reasonably fast route calculation but still could do with a faster chip/program
- The widescreen did it for me when I selected this unit
- Battery life is dismal - The dashboard stand is weak and at times means the device will fall off the windscreen 5
179 nevergiveup TomTom Rider 2nd edition very good handling also with gloves and under bad weather conditions.
screen good to read.
very expensive in every kind of service, i.e. traffic guidance 7
180 Graham.Keen TomTom GO930 Well designed physically and easy to use interface. Voice Commands are greyed out. Poor Web services from TomTom. Poor support. Over priced. 4
181 davidoakley7 TOMTOM 520T TomTom 520T

Ease of use good graphics, fast re-calculation of routes, streetname description option with computer voice
Fussy update procedure - can easily cause overwites.. 7
182 rhyssecond TomTom ONE v4 TomTom one v4. Simple to use interface. Excellent downloads from this site. Cheap accessories if you look hard enough, eg, charger is standard mini usb, case from a Garmin will fit nicely. Very clear speaker. Easy-port mount is excellent and pocket friendly. TT mapshare is free and updated regularly . Battery life good,(up to 4 .5 hours)and much longer if screen is turned off between instructions. Buy a cheap mains usb charger to charge at home- full recharge from flat in just over an hour with a charger output of 1000ma. No sd card slot, though plenty of room on internal memory for poi, voices etc though. 9
183 michaelsavva3 TomTom Go LIVE 740 Excellent clear and accurate navigation optimized by live traffic. Camera warning could be clearer with the icons in the top left being far too small and difficult to make distracting you from the road. I still use my Road ANgel in preference as a result! 6
184 jason3333 TomTom 910 First TomTom Ive owned, bought 2nd hand as an upgrade from Sony NVU-52 cause I wanted USA maps. I love it ! Lots more going on with the TomTom 910 and excellent hands free bluetooth option ! A bit chunky but it is 2 years old the latest models seem to be a lot thinner and more compact 7
185 hillsary Nuvi 3597 LMT,3490LMT,Nuvi 1690, nuvi 265w, tomtom 720, navman s150 platinum Garmin and Navman both give searches with surrounding suburbs to choose from

tomtom has good bluetooth and internet access thru phones
tomtom has to be exact with suburb search wont give you the surrounding suburb if you are wrong navman will release 2009 maps in nov 09 navman support is from Queensland, New Delhi garmin voice dial is difficult to use 7
186 klytus5 TomTom One V3 Europe clarity, reliability, quality of mapping, mapshare scheme for free map updates, compact and portable, got me all round France no probs! battery lasts 1 hour can be slow to lock on to satellite when powered on, but is fine if you download the latest satellite fix first slowish to update when driving - sometimes annoying at complex junctions! 7
187 tonydivemaster tomtom onexl europe Lots of free downloads small internal memory 7
188 dasha TomTom One New Edition reliable, easily portable, easily updateable poor battery charging, bad mac software 6
189 hyperspectral tomtom 930 I own:Tomtom 930, Garmin 780, Uniden?, Whistler

garmin - Ease of Use, lifetime MSN direct ($129)

Tomtom - REAL TIME TRAFFIC IS AWESOME (I have it on my Garmin and the TomTom is at least 10X better.);
Garmin - Real time traffic is only OK TomTom - Menus are poorly laid out 9
190 marco.sellati TOMTOM ONE V2 Tomtom ONE V2 - Good navigation SW and Graphics.
Good distance calculation.
Tomtom ONE V2 - Mapshare & Map self-update unavailable for this version. 6
191 jim.owers TomTom XL I find the TomTom XL and excellent entry level GPS. The software is extremely powerful and way more powerful than the built in system I had in my last car. The downside of any mobile device is that you have cable managment to deal with. Im seriously considering having the unit installed professionally to cure this annoyance. 7
192 Karadok Tomtom on Asus P535 User friendly, multi-purpose and quick enough to determine or recalculate the route. Screen too small, a little bit slow to detect the first GPS signal. 6
193 mstoddard TomTom GO300 and ONE125 TomTom GO300; my first GPS; easy to use, easy to update the maps and the POI.
TomTom ONE125; my newest GPS; much smaller, lighter, better windshield mounting bracket than the GO300. Updates itself with map fixes every time I connect to the Internet.
TomTom GO300; Im on my 3rd battery; they dont last forever. Youll need a good supply. TomTom ONE125; No percieved weaknesses yet; just purchased it Feb 2009. You need to buy the ONE130 in order to get a Canada map. I didnt want the TTS feature on the 130, so Ill have to figure out to load the map if I need it. 9
194 mikepy TomTom GO 730 excellent unit, simple to use, good support and user community mapshare updates free and gpsfix location updates weekly - locks onto sats about 10 secs after startup! Speaks street names well additional maps expensive voice recognition on find address a little weak 8
195 paulsebaypost TomTom 910 TomTom 910
Everything you need in a car in one package. SatNav, mp3 player, audiobook player, handsfree for mobile and with extra software an mp4 player too
Playing music can slow down timing of direction instructions. Having a 20gb harddrive makes it Bulky It can take an age to get a fix 8
196 tthefutu TomTom One TomTom One V.3.0. Love the TomTom Device. Hate the TomTom website. Stinker of a battery! 7
197 g_vegys tomtom 930 IQ Routes
Connection to mobile phone
Connection to car audio system
Slow map updating by the company Too few mobile phones supported 8
198 natalie.pickering TomTom GO 940 Very user friendly, accurate routing, useful extra features via LIVE services. Traffic is good because it uses GPRS connection rather than TMC. Subscription to LIVE services is expensive 7
199 viy54 TOMTOM ONE 3rd Edition A good basic GPS Doesn't have any bluetooth. Some times power on is bit difficult 4
200 christo3 Tomtom One XL TomTom One XL - Good display and features Fastest route algorithms not always accurate 7
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