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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
101 TOMTOM VIA LIVE 120 Easy to set up and use
Re-adjusts quickly when you go wrong
The different alert sounds are very similar. Does not automatically pick up mobile speed cameras in Ireland.
102 tassie_julie1 TomTom Live Clear instructions with good warning. Generally easy to use. We own a motorhome. There is no facility to plug in vehicle size and therefore no guarentees the route will be suitable. In 3,000 miles in France major problem twice minor problem about 6 or 7 times 6
103 boiledchip1524 TomTom XL very good ,fast at finding where you are and finding alternate route only 987mb internal memory,total waste of time ,have to take out my UK map then formate to put in my USA map then hpoe it works 6
104 norris113 TomTom XL One Good screen size, SD card fairly slow to boot and display maps, poor battery life 5
105 juerg.wyss Tomtom GO LIVE 1015 traffic information
calculation speed
backup/restore options POI management no transfer of maps of older devices to new devices 7
106 robieism1014 TomTom GO 2535M Live Traffic is the greatest part of this. Im only keeping it because of traffic, I live in the greater NYC area and am always doing airport runs from 100 miles away.
Slimer than previous one
Had two previous tomtoms, This one operates much drifferently Still cant get POIs on the screen when viewing map route. Big big big problem for planing next route and looking for POIs to go to like Sterbucks or McD Some help from support staff. Support staff can read check list like you and I but are not trouble shooters 4
107 maxgeezer TomTom One Generally works well. Out of date TomTom maps. GPS sometimes struggles in cities.  
108 guydickinson TomTom Go 700 Big screen, TomTom UI, EU maps, livetraffic Loses GPS signal and can take minutes to re-acquire. Battery life is pretty poor (after a year of usage, maybe 1 hr). 7
109 eric.sigurdson4 TomTom XL IQ Routes Edition S Nice interface, great features Takes too long to find GPS signal. Bad signal in the CBD 3
110 john.majors TOMTOM GO 2535 LIVE Live data funtionality is awesome when it works. Ease of use is very good, voice clarity and instruction is also very good. Cost of live services is reasonable. Ultimate functionality - it has a lot of potential. Live data still seems to have some kinks to be worked out. Computer interface still needs work and can be inconsistant. Not all features are fully functional. Battery life seems to be limited - useful for a short trip or unconnected programming. Just not well polished yet - therefore a rating of only 8. 7
111 papa44 tomtom 730 - it works, it takes me on trips of a 1000 KMs and delivers me where I want to be.
- it takes SD cards, as well as having internal memory
- the battery is giving up - the mp3 player is bad - the FM transmitter is too weak 5
112 erwin4 TOMTOM GO 930 Fast, live traffic info, big screen, automatic map updates. Has build-in MP3 player with FM transmitter.
Battery runs out quickly. USB link slow. 8
113 theskid tomtom one new edition ecellent device ,try to find one with a built in SD card as you can mod it to your hearts content newer tomtoms have no external memory what a bummer 8
114 webbaldo Tomtom One V3 Ease of Use, Simple Maps, Always Updated Sucker bracket is too flimsy, getting on now so a bit chunky compared to current models 7
115 brucemarsha TomTom One Simple to use, quick to update route, easy to put in pocket smaller screen than larger sizes 7
116 nick-PDB4 TomTom XL Quick to lock on to satellites and pretty accurate routing. Not great at re-routing if you deviate from the planned route. Missed the initial free map update as I didnt know about it. 8
117 nick-PDB TomTom VIA 180 -Nice bright large screen
-Pretty fast to calculate routes
-Simple to use
-Can now add custom POIs :-)
-No Maps updates yet 6
118 giblet TomTom Go730 Wide screen with clear and easy interface.Very good at planning routes and itineraries. Planned routess are easily calculated and usually sensible. Having said that, its always worth checking against a map (hard copy or online) as sometimes it will give a route that doesnt make sense. Have found it very reliable when driving around towns or cities that I havent visited before (but see under weaknesses). Updating to a new version of a map will wipe out any favourites youve stored on your device! This is a major glitch with a simple programming solution that TomTom have failed to fix (note: Im not talking about the regular POI updates - just upgrades to new maps). Battery life used to be good but is now below average after a years use. Only hiccups when using the unit have been when faced by major changes in road systems or road repairs that have not made it to the TomTom database. This was a major problem for me when driving to Prague in 2010 but I cant really blame the unit for the confusion. Had a similar problem in Berlin where there were major changes in part of the road system. The device wanted me to keep going round in circles. Had to switch it off, drive for a bit and turn it back on so it could think straight again! 7
119 gareth2004 TomTom GO Strong receiver; bright color touch-screen display; extremely accurate; clear verbal turn-by-turn directions Vehicle mounting base is difficult to remove without causing damage to your car. 5
120 smrikard TomTom Via 1535TM Extremely customizable, locates quickly, great sound. Missing POIs in included databases, no feature to display elevation. 8
121 jwebleyj TomTom One 3rd Edition straightforward destination entry.
Tailoring of route preferences.
Small size.
vibration free mount.
unpredictable touch screen when map browsing. Often slow to find satellites on start up. 6
122 baofang TOMTOM 340 XL Easy to use. Fast and accurate. Unfriendly fold-up mount. Only has internal memory. 6
123 enguerrandm tomtom start easy to use, good sync not really cheap to change a map 7
124 jeremy.ruff TomTom Go 1005 Clear screen, quick, clever mount Launched too early - a few features not working, loading up 3rd party pois is hard work. 3
125 graham4 TomTom GO One of the first Tomtoms available and its still going strong. The old box-shape is good for wedging on dashboards without the mount. It can be a bit slow sometimes, but its old and dealing with far larger data files than intended. 9
126 cdifani4 TomTom Go 930 Excellent street database. Plus the IQ Routes is a wonderful feature! Makes driving in unknown areas extremely easy! At least when compared to a paper map! Sometimes when in difficult street situations, the driving directions are slow. It can be very easy to drive past the needed turn location. Also sometimes the warning distance is difficult to interpret. 100 yards to 30 feet can change in the proverbial blink of an eye. 9
127 fones1 TomTom go 1050 Australia Very Smooth interface
Accurate and fast fix and routing
good battery for large device
Great mounting system
Still hasn't got all the features working. average default menu layout (but fixable with customizable menu option) proprietry interface on device. 6
128 EricHale714 TomTom XXL 540 WTE International Maps and Traffic for Life.
Fast and accurate.
User interface is not as polished. Lacks Bluetooth. 7
129 mypaypal4 TomTom 340 XL/TM Free lifetime maps and traffic.
Easy menu navigation.
Easy POI entry and updates.
Lane guidance (optional).
Well organized screen.
Fast location of satellites via PC updater.
Unfriendly fold-up mount. Confusing map upgrade/update messages from TomTom. Customer Service not consistent. Battery not user serviceable. It can be done, but it is a bother. 7
130 typhus_10 TOMTOM ONE Small and simple. Does what its supposed to do brilliantly. In a previous job I made 10+ deliveries 5 days a week for 2 years and it only failed to get me to my destination 3 or 4 times, and they were New Build homes. Hasnt got as many Real-Time features like newer models. But I can live without them for now. 8
131 berni.joss TomTom XL-IQR In addition to the expected street address lookup and trun-by-turn directions, it also allows reading and entering lat/lon coordinates. Does not provide information about height over sea level. 8
132 rds TomTom XXL + iPad with 3 gps apps TomTom maps are close to being up to date. Also like the PIOs availible Would like to install other programs in it, like Ozi Explorer with lake charts. 7
133 shanti_ijok Tomtom Go 950 Live GPS has very nice display, voice prompts clear, very user friendly interface Insufficent screen backlight & contrast in bright sunlight. 9
134 bboworn Tomtom XL 350 I like lane guide feature, it makes me never miss the exit. My Tomtom XL 350 is rather slow about updating my current position while Im driving. 4
135 porkchopmcmoose TomTom Go 630 4 Map updates a year yield little benefit, but when they do its usually a big one.
I love being able to block streets, rename, etc, otherwise correct errors, even if my TomTom 630 GO is the only one that will see the changes. The software is intuitive, the prices are cheap, and TomTom does not seem to believe in deliberate obsolescence of their products. Charging is simple as heck, if you have the right wireless service provider, you can get all sorts of updates all around the clock. No help if you dont. The traffic service is working great for me near big cities. Otherwise, my DROID 2 and my CB radio make up for that. I love the option to have the 630 GO sound klaxons and warnings for nearby police stations (shift change is good to know about) and when Im speeding, so I can slow down if there are bears, boars, pigs, or the Village People of Christiansburg PD (Toms of Finland models/steroid abusers, but gay to face a day of helping protect and serve their budget gap and justify those new Chargers that look like theyre getting humped.
Theres a highway in SC -- an interstate highway -- that was finished over a year ago. It still doesnt show up. I complain to TomTom, to TeleAtlas, but nothing changes, and if I want to go the Fall Line Freeway to Columbus from North Disgusta, I have to spend an hour programming in an itinerary that -- should I miss a point it arbitrarily says is important enough (other ones, it ignores completely), I will have to pull over and say yes, I did go here, let me go now. Wait! Now the route is totally different. I am not taking back roads for Bubba to nail me all the way to I-75/85 in Atlanta. I love me a ramblin wreck, but I route around big cities on purpose sometimes! The itinerary planning needs work. The map updates need more meat to them. The MapShare feature, unless you set it to accept every single 3 y/o w/ pb/j fingers playing with the TomTom until your destination is authlzuewhggf jxg speed limit 200 and driving on the left -- for some censorship over such nonsense, you see almost no benefit. Certainly no new roads for free! Not even road realignments, that Ive seen. I have a Subaru Outback, I put 15,000 miles on it per year, its nearing its 10th anniversary, and I cover a lot of territory, so Id see if there were more conspicuous, useful changes to the maps that they advertise about. Oh, and my DROID 2? It doesnt work with the TomTom, no matter what Ive done, and Ive dug deep (but not deep enough to void my warranty, I will specify). So, I have to use two gewgaws to do what one could do, with the Droids Google Navigation for backup. Hardware: The mini-USB 5 pin adapter loosened so much I had to get a stand-up charger for updates. The do you want to connect to computer? function doesnt function. I do a lot of hard reboots and removing and replacing a highfalutin SDHC card I intended to start putting maps on; but good luck. Also, somewhere along the line, about 1/4 GB flash memory on the internal drive vanished. I went from 300+ MB free to 30 free; and those bytes seem gone for good. So, now I have two synthetic voices, and barely enough room for anything else. I dont know what did that but Tom Tom seems helpful enough if I still had the box the d---- thing came in. 6
136 jasonjcosta3 TomTom GO730 large screen, easy to read graphics, easy to user interface slow when processing many roads (5-10 seconds when processing 14,000 roads) usb sometimes is not recognized. Must reset device then connect to computer. 7
137 jash TomTom Europe XL Easy to use, fast in operation - very good when in the car. Wish I could look at the route a little easier once on it. Not that impressed with the Traffic master add on, never seems that accurate or timely. 7
138 vm03 TomTom GO730 Fast satellite acquisition
Clear text-to-speech with Loquendo voices
SDHC card slot
Insufficent screen backlight & contrast in bright sunlight. 6
139 vm0 TomTom GO 730 Fast satellite acquisition
Clear text-to-speech with Loquendo voices
SDHC card slot
Insufficent screen backlight & contrast in bright sunlight. 6
140 brbidwell TomTom XXL 540TM 5 Screen size, Bright screen, good volume, fast calculations, Just found out I received a XXL530 in a XXL540 Box from BJs  
141 g_vegys3 Tomtom Go 930 IQ routes, lane guidance, bluetooth remote control, good mounting, Rds-TMC info. Poor support of mobile phones that can connect to the device, expensive maps. You buy maps blind never knowing if roads that were built, say 3 years ago, will be included. 6
142 bludrgn TomTom Live 340 Advance Lane Guidance - always useful especially towing when towing a travel trailer. Fuel prices - again for the same reason and the same for the live weather and traffic. Live services 9.95 monthly. Touch screen a little touchy. Live service only available in the US - no Canadian Fuel, Traffic, or Weather info. 7
143 typhoont Tomtom One v3 Excellent directions from Hereford to Jena avoiding motorways. Regret lack of Route Itinery planning feature. 8
144 mander1141 TOMTOM ONE V1, V3 Garmin GPS V, Holux GPS Slim 236 (use with my Playstation) Holux seems to have fastest Satellite acquisition.It has bluetooth, but can only use it with Nokia phones. Otherwise I have to use custom USB cables to make it work with my Playstation handheld or iphone.
TOMTOM One - Cheap, easy to use and easy to customize.
GPS V: Old, but fits in your pocket and mounts anywhere with a little velcro.
Still looking for the ultimate GPS device. I guess it would be something like the GPS Slim 236, but with WiFi rather than Bluetooth, or both. 6
145 colin.hacker3 TomTom Go 950 Go Live info is great. Traffic Reports are very accurate. Fuel prices are quite useful too. Can take a bit longer to calculate routes. Voice Recognition not that great. I think it could use some better noise cancellation as it works fine when stationary but that sort of defeats the object really! 7
146 bill.whittaker TomTom One XL The one piece of electronic kit thats forever useful to every traveller No control over projected travelling times for slowe vehicles 8
147 Adi3 TomTom 950 easy to use , good mount , interface friendly , good screen size , cant get it to bind with the bluetooth in my car :...( 7
148 kamm.pryor3 Tomtom 930t Good routing, clear screen, love the bluetooth handsfree and traffic info. Voice recognition is average, computer generated voices are good, but mispronounce even simple names. complicated screens to view complete routes (too many button presses). 7
149 tkflytier tomtom 330xls Nice display, easy to select addresses Only one computer generated voice that can say street names limited memory, no expansion card slot 4
150 dmason386 tomtom 930 Go Safety camera subscription is an invaluable asset that saves you money. Disintuitive database makes it difficult to find desired POIs. Database is weak compared to Garmin Nuvi series. Audible instructions are frequently repated three times for no apparent reason (turns only). 7
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