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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
51 Navman S50 3D A great device with 3D mapping, at a great price. The GPS signal can take a few seconds to find your current location, but once its on its very solid.
52 RiccQuintan NAVMAN S55 (S50 3D) Its really fast and good to use, easy to change the software as well. Currently using iGO which is responsible for unleashing the full potential of my GPS receiver. Although its a great device and I wouldnt change it for anything else I find it hard to see the screen in extremely bright sunny days. 9
53 brian01792 Navman S70 Economical, good value. Few wrong turns here and there. Owned for over a year, and no intentions to replace. No voice files, or so it would seem. Traffic facilities are optional and from what I hear not great. 6
54 ukyclie Navman F20 Portable, expandable with live traffic module battery last 3hrs, bright light, 8
55 npartridadsl3 Navman S-150 Nice Screen size. Good profile. Easy to mount. Needs to have the updates done to ensure reliable operation of Bluetooth. Up to date maps. Problems with pre-installed cameras not giving audible alert. No adjustment on distances alerts become apparent. Alerts appear to be late is distances set too short on custom pois 4
56 sbpanchagnula Navman iCN530 Good Navigator T1 module has separate charging connector. 7
57 hillsary Nuvi 3597 LMT,3490LMT,Nuvi 1690, nuvi 265w, tomtom 720, navman s150 platinum Garmin and Navman both give searches with surrounding suburbs to choose from

tomtom has good bluetooth and internet access thru phones
tomtom has to be exact with suburb search wont give you the surrounding suburb if you are wrong navman will release 2009 maps in nov 09 navman support is from Queensland, New Delhi garmin voice dial is difficult to use 7
58 dseaward Navman S70 3D Very quick No graphic preview of route, some software bugs 4
59 michael_moore NAVMAN S45 Ease of use Maps already out of date 7
60 gallen NavMan N40I Fast at route planning, T1 module works well for me. Windscreen mount has a nasty habit of not charging the Navman 7
61 mike33333 Navman S70 NAVMAN S70 Comes complete with W. Europe fully loaded. Maps cost a fortune to update from Navman. 3
62 matthew Navman F20 Affordable and good quality software/GUI Weak USB connector, easily broken away from the board. 4
63 krydell Navman F40 Easy software userface Expensive mapping updates a rip off. Extremely disappointed compared to other brands of GPS 3
64 jzaire NAVMAN s90i Navman s90i - easy to use loaded with road safety POIs
Navman map upgrades are far too expensive. 3
65 Rob_Laidlaw Navman S100T Very slim, has a built in traffic antenna so no wires all round the windscreen, easy to use once you get used to the sliding menus, very clear maps, lane assist and junction views.

Will very occasionally reboot for no apparent reason, no big deal, more of a minor inconvenience. 7
66 crystin Navman S70 3D Map detail very good, and the constant update of addresses as you go along a road is very helpful.
A good level of useful information displayed
67 brian.mcbean NAVMAN s50 Light, easy to read, large menu icons, user friendly. Female voice only, no choice 7
68 allyf07 Navman PiN 570 Good all round GPS & PDA. Re-routing is as good as some of the more modern units.
Sturdy casing helps if you are like me and keep dropping it.
Battery does not last when you are using it as GPS 7
69 r3dkiss navman icn530 Good screen size and ease of use. Maps and streets don't seems to have been updated for quite some time. 7
70 vlado.krmac Navman S150 Large screen and easy to navigate. Very user friendly. The battery life is a little too short. It seems that celebrity voices cannot be loaded. 7
71 mb1233 Navman s80 Reliable performer, mine is two years old
More customisation options and better menu operation than the new platinum series.
Screen glare Difficult to get the right balance, ie, shortest vs quickest route. 5
72 tom33333 Navman S300T Easy to read map - no more messy colours only shade of greys. Voices is much more human like when gives direction. I like the feature of NOT saying the street name... Don’t like the new menu system you will need to drill down a few screen to find the option you want but I guess one will get use to it. Text on menu and map are very small compare to my old Navman S80. The cradle looks pretty cool but the down side is the power connector is hanging loose so you’ll have to try to connect the power to the unit before you slide it into the cradle. The problem with this set up is the cable is hooked onto the back of the cradle and hard to pool out to try to connect the power while you are trying to slide it into the cradle... 7
73 tom3333 Navman S300T Easy to read map - no more messy colours only shades of grays. Voice is much more human like when gives direction. I like the feature of NOT saying the street name... Dont like the new menu system you will need to drill down a few screen to find the option you want. Text on menu and map are very small compare to my old Navman S80 7
74 rt909mod1 Navman s90i Navman s90i probably some of the clearest mapping around, however ST2008 software not as friendly as the ST2006 was for my previous Navman the N40i. Dont bother with Navman subscription as they are slow in being updated. I rely on my Road Angel for that job which is done excellently by Blackspot. 7
75 nikilawlor Navman My device is a Navman F10, very easy to use, not need to be technically minded, easy to follow maps etc. Dont download updates on the Navman website or youll lose the voices on the sat nav. 5
76 richardbstandley navman s70 clear, large screen, easy data input and search, good battery life. Fiddly to connect charging lead when it is attached to the holder. 8
77 turn_ur_head navman s80 yeh its good! not compatible with all mobile fones 6
78 roofshop Navman S90i Just new seems fine to use, lots of features easy to select the wrong letters when entering street addresses etc. 7
79 warjpascoe Navman S 80 Light weight ,bluetooth if you have compatible Phone,screen graphics tech support ,touch screen difficult to use ,No provision for 240 volt charger plugs into same hole for USB lead, 6
80 zzemca Navman S50 Widescreen, quick to load, custom POIs possible. S30 cannot upload custom POIs from PC Moving the map while on a journey occasionaly brings up a context menu that wasnt needed. As yet I cannot find a permanent mount for the device. 7
81 natjones Navman S80 Large Screen, Clear instructions. Fast Weak signals (can be overcome by external antena), doesnt show names of ALL streets when in map mode (not giving directions). 7
82 truline1 Navman S80 Navman S80 works well and has a clear voice guidence, easy to use, light with a good screen I find it will not allow me to add POIs or Nav Pix to the main memory. This ia the reason I chose a navman, (Wrong choice) I have been on the phone to Navman (Australia) Several times and waited up to 1/2 hour and gave up, I have emailed tech support four weeks ago and stil NO RESONCE. I would never buy a Navman product again just on thier extreem lack of service. Iam very forgiving, but this is unforgivable for a major company 1
83 rellis1 Navman MY55T Slick, very light, good reception, hapopy with it so far voice directions are a bit flat, lack real sense of human voice 7
84 johmazz2006 Garmin Nuvi 765, Garmin 3950LMT, Garmin 2455LMT, Navman40, Garmin StreetPilot 3 Great for the price.
Much faster than the old Garmin StreetPilot 3 I still have.
Leaves the Navman for dead.
Garmin: Very good unit, heaps better than the Navman I had previously. Takes a bit of fiddling to get POI updates done correctly with warnings etc. Navman: Unable to load safety POI as NO software provided with unit, AS PER other brands. Have to purchase a Navman connectivity kit separately, which very few dealers have in stock. 8
85 stu.25 Navman f 20, GPS mouse for laptop and Garmin GPS 50 The Navman F20 works well and is easy to use, I prefer the display to other makes I have seen.

I have had the Garmin GPS 50 for many years (navigation at sea) and although its very old it still does the job very well.

I also have a GPS receiver mouse for my laptop and combined with MS autoroute it does a brilliant job with the advantage of a 17 inch screen, but it is a bit big to use in an average sized car - but I dont have an average sized car.
The F20 has sent me down a couple of dead ends and in to a housing estate when looking for a shopping centre but otherwise very good. 8
86 flappers1 navman f20 navman S50 7/10...can be hard to navigate through...must purchase connectivity kit to add POI   6
87 cutswell Navman F20 Very easy to use
Nice and compact
I would like to be able to have the speed displayed in full screen when I am not using the maps. 5
88 bigbadbees1 Navman s80 great maps, very fast streets, very bright
great stuff
takes to long to start and takes to long to get maps. bad colour 6
89 spareshack-australia Navman F20 simple to use, even for not techies too few features, like the ones you need 4
90 quicksand1451 Navman F20 More than happy with F20, works well with GPS Team poi downloads.....10/10   9
91 house_of_callahan Navman ICN 620 Navman ICN 620
Is easy to use and easy to see on the windshield.
Volume goes loud enough to be heard wihle driving on the open road, which is a big plus.
The LCD screen isnt easy to see wearing Rayban Polarising Lenses. Just heard from Navman that they are no longer supporting my GPS! Looks like Ive got to buy a whole new unit. DONT BUY A NAVMAN PRODUCT!  
92 mcad46 Navman iCN 530 Good unit, easy to use and very fast to find satellites. I have found on occasions it tends to go the long way round and sometimes gone down dead-end street or roads. Very rare though. 9
93 ajh1953 Navman S90i Large Screen
Clear instructions of when to turn
Not all of Whereis features installed in unit 6
94 joivNU Navman My Escape Maps seem to be accurate so far & updates are occurring on a regular basis Maps seem to be accurate so far & updates are occurring on a regular basis 7
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