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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
751 Garmin Nuvi 760 Picks up satelites quickly. Large clear screen.
States street names to turn onto. Bluetooth capable for mobile phones. 5 hour battery life. Red light or fixed camera warnings.
Full mobile functions such as texting or phone book only works with some mobile phones. Some times camera warnings come up as a small text warning and other times comes up full screen and have to press ok to get rid of it.
752 dtilley5 Garmin Nuvi 760 Ease of use, accuracy, Bluetooth, easy to read bright screen The FM Transmitter is is not quite as good as the Nuvi 660, 9
753 wanda Garmin Nuvi Very compact and handy Would like the stand to be more streamlined. 9
754 julie.kilner Garmin Nuvi 260w I love how my device says the street names. The device doesn't have many weaknesses. I was using a much older GPS and upgraded. This one is quite good. Occasionally there will be some odd routing requests. 9
755 alan Garmin Nuvi 760 The nuvi 760 is completely intuitive to use. It is the sort of unit that your wife would feel comfortable in using. The ability to assist with POIs is a decided advantage. I never knew that there were so many school zones around! The only one is the lack of satellite information. 7
756 rfisher Garmin Nuvi 760 Excellent screen visibility.
Clear map, colours etc
No speech input for entering destination. Lacks menu options compared with Tomtom GO720 6
757 d.newt Garmin Nuvi 660 ease of operation of the garmin unit favorites section for music like last 5 artists played ease of selection then instead of having to scoll through all artist on sd card 7
758 maxknight garmin nuvi 310 accurate, relatively easy to use, small and compact and fits easily into pocket, voice directions roads with numbers are shown and spoken by their number rather than their name which is annoying. there was an original problem with bluetooth but a software patch fixed that. on occasions when you turn on the device it has somehow forgotten the mobile phone it is paired with hard to read the screen in daylight when driving with sunglasses on 7
759 dloc Garmin nuvi 660 Seems to work very well. I like to use the Phone hands free through the FM radio. The quality of audio comming from the internial FM Transmitter seem a little muffeled. But this my be the fault of the quality of the mp3 files I have used. 5
760 jonmax Garmin SP7200 Big SCREEN backed by the spoken word big help especially in city navigation Map software in some cases is way out of date with intersections now roundabouts some up to 2 yrs O.O.Date 7
761 alan.mcgregor Garmin nuvi 260 Ease of Use
Good TTS
Good basic model without the frills
Bulky design No MP3 No whistles and bells 7
762 quinny Garmin 250W very quick tracking, very good battery life, stylish. It has trouble finding a signal in the middle of Sydney, form the buildings 8
763 gsfoster Garmin nuvi 1390 Easy to use Does not display GPS Co-ordinates 7
764 uziemer0105 Garmin 2820 Excellent interface Bulky unit 9
765 johmazz2006 Garmin Nuvi 765, Garmin 3950LMT, Garmin 2455LMT, Navman40, Garmin StreetPilot 3 Great for the price.
Much faster than the old Garmin StreetPilot 3 I still have.
Leaves the Navman for dead.
Garmin: Very good unit, heaps better than the Navman I had previously. Takes a bit of fiddling to get POI updates done correctly with warnings etc. Navman: Unable to load safety POI as NO software provided with unit, AS PER other brands. Have to purchase a Navman connectivity kit separately, which very few dealers have in stock. 8
766 bassy308 Garmin Quest Compact easy to use, exrteemly portable when not in a vehicle
lack of POIs, wont alert when you come close to a POI  
767 glo8al Garmin Nuvi 660 Easy to use, hasnt missed a beat. No bread crumb trail. 7
768 stu.25 Navman f 20, GPS mouse for laptop and Garmin GPS 50 The Navman F20 works well and is easy to use, I prefer the display to other makes I have seen.

I have had the Garmin GPS 50 for many years (navigation at sea) and although its very old it still does the job very well.

I also have a GPS receiver mouse for my laptop and combined with MS autoroute it does a brilliant job with the advantage of a 17 inch screen, but it is a bit big to use in an average sized car - but I dont have an average sized car.
The F20 has sent me down a couple of dead ends and in to a housing estate when looking for a shopping centre but otherwise very good. 8
769 chuckie744 Garmin Nuvi 310 The device feature list is comprehensive hands free operation is affected by poor microphone 4
770 ddolbel Garmin Nuvi 310 Easy To Use additional storage capacity would be nice. 9
771 teddeebare Garmin nuvi 660 Easy to use, accurate navigation and clear prompts. No QWERTY keyboard for address or detail input. 8
772 nomad289 Garmin Nuvi 660 Blue tooth & ease of operation confusion for me in Coords. I can not match coords from Google to GPS 8
773 trekcewc Garmin Nuvi 760 and Nuvi310 very good to use and very handy as a
lack of sound in truck or 4x4 volume cant be adjusted enouth 7
774 deetee13 Garmin Zumo 550 solid construction, waterproof good on my motorcycle needs external power for the inbuilt speaker to work 4
775 leoanacam Garmin StreetPilot c510 Naming every street prior to reaching turns gets a bit confused when having to make too many calculations to new routes 8
776 the.rugster Garmin 60CX small compact easy to use cant send route to device. 6
777 COMAND SYSTEM; Garmin Nuvi 3790T Good, Easy to use, It is damn to operate at beginning. It takes quite long time to draw the pic on the unit. 8
778 keithjp Garmin Nuvi 310 So far, I have found my Nuvi 310 to be excellent and closely suited to my needs. I think that phone connectivity needs to be extended to a wider range of phones. I have some functions, but not important things like phone book. 7
779 champers71 Garmin Nuvi 660 Good size screen. Overall works well. Volume could be a little louder and volume can only be adjusted via the touch screen rather than a dial on the side of the unit. 8
780 407graham Garminstreet pilot c510 Touch screen calls out street names, inbuilt battery, easy computer conection, good mount, and overal very happy with unit screen a litte small, doesnt allway take you the fastest way ie trafic 7
781 yappa Garmin Nuvi 660 Great unit no problems at all, recommend garmin to anyone No troubles found but Discontinued unit 7
782 e_bayworld_australia Garmin street pilot 7500 large screen, great back up cameras no bluetooth, too many sub menus 9
783 merlin056 Garmin Street Pilot c320 The Garmin Street Pilot c320
Is a great Navigation device I use it for
work in the security industry which is much easier than a street directory and saves me heaps of time from going from map to map
784 robm4790 garmin Street Pilot i3 So far my i3 has performed flawlessly.   8
785 melisnelly Garmin Nuvi very good am very pleased   7
786 pjm204 Garmin Nuvi 310 Great device, but see negative points Its limited in only being able to put in one way point and unable to change starting point to work out distances from other than where you are currently. 7
787 kon5699 Garmin Nuvi 310 Easy user interface
no buttons - all screen touch
voice volume 9
788 ajsbonneville TomTom One, garmin navi 40 Easy to use, easy to upgrade, lots of forums to read about it. Crap Aussie maps. Poor battery time. 9
789 vk4kel Garmin nuvi 760 Garmin C320 Street Pilot - good reliable although probably dated machine by todays standards. Sensis Maps supplied with the machine leave a lot to be desired, being frequently months and in some areas years out of date. 9
790 ProNav Garmin C320 Old and reliable Garmin GPS device. Still works well. No need to update maps. Not allways accurate. 9
791 Rex Garmin i3 good little gps fits in dashboard out of sight and still recieves signal ok. a little hard to read in sunlight 7
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