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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
701 Garmin nuvi 660 Good clear screen easy viewing. Excellent bluetooth facility. Doesn't tell me which street I'm on, only the next one.
702 scott33 Garmin Zumo 500 Garmin Zumo 500 - great for bikers. Perfect in the car too. Dragging the map using the touchscreen can be a bit hit and miss. Would benefit from a waterproof speaker for use without a bluetooth headset or out of the mount. 8
703 jnimens Garmin Colorado 300 I like the wheel.
Poor battery life Better unit available with a couple months of purchase... and I bought just a few months in. I keep my 60csx close cuz this Colorado crashes often requiring me to remove battery to re set then sit nervously for a short while. 4
704 ytau GARMIN NUVI 310 Versatile and and relatively easy to use.
Has expandable features that make it easy for overseas travel via the travel kit, bluetoooth for the phone. small and slim enough to fit in a pocket
Some of the travel kit is difficult to edit. 7
705 baggers241 Garmin nuvi 255w Very good mapping Mobile speed camera alerts can be a bit annoying. They go off even when you are doing exactly the right speed 8
706 timr Garmin Nuvi 760 Nuvi 760 - Good sized screen makes it easy to see when driving recalculation sometimes seems a problem which doesn't always take you the most direct way! Also, unwated echo and feedback when using the Bluetooth Mobile Phone Option. 7
707 adrianhb Garmin XT Tomtom - Nice interface

Garmin XT - Fast to load and find addresses, automatically changes day/night mode
Tomtom - slow to load! Garmin XT - Harder to add POI and other data 9
708 joop.dewit Garmin Zumo 660 easy to use, clear screen, very good software for Mac (Garmin Roadtrip) no tracks! Not suitable for offroad use: no compass, no header to other waypoints etc. Managing waypoints is time consuming. 6
709 lrshelley Garmin nuvi 260W The Garmin nuvi 260W is mac compatible and can take overseas maps   8
710 mike_addiss Garmin Etrex Vista HCx Small, very portable, very clear display, great functionality, user friendle menus. Quick to calculate routes Small Screen makes it difficult to get overview at higher scale 9
711 yuyurick Garmin Nuvi 260 Ease of use No preloaded speed and red camera alerts 6
712 rjarnold79 Garmin Street Pilot C510 Finding street addresses in Capital cities Finding street addresses in Capital cities 4
713 david3333 Garmin NUVI 760 MP3, bluetooth, FM transmitter, All in one small device. lack of pre-install POI compare to Navman 7
714 alecaus Garmin Nuvi 350 Love the Garmin. Routing is almost always perfect, cant live without text2voice, screen is big enough for me. One or two occasions in the country where the Nuvi got confused as to location or did not get the correct reading from Satellites and we got somewhat lost. But these are very rare occurences. 8
715 charlesreal Garmin 260 Acquires Satellite fast
Useful Apps
Pre-loaded with US Maps
User has to update to the newest firmware 8
716 dustinmatkowski GARMIN 260w Easy to figure out, logical unlike the tomtom i tried.
Easy to mount in car
Easy to upload info
Simple map nav
Spoken Street names
Finding your favorites (just to view them) can be frustrating, but easy to do if youre where-to-ing. Not being able to charge through USB. Speaker not as good as tomtom (vibrates) Location of USB port (on back) 6
717 briank Garmin Nuvi 760 Clear concise instructions, excellent screen resolution, very quick calculation and recalculation when route not followed. Advance instructions on turns is brilliant. latest map still not aware of permanent street closures in Orange. 8
718 joe3 Garmin Nuvi 265WT Easy to use,
Bluetooth is nice
traffic is very nice
No MP3 support 6
719 ryancmm GARMIN nuvi260 Funky little device.
Lots of PoIs, clear speech, entertaining and useful 3D map interface
Maps arent detailed enough, lacks many sidestreets 5
720 barry.v.roach garmin 200w This is the first gps model I have ever owned. After looking at several other models I decide on this one and have been happy with its price and performance. When I purchase another gps I will look at more advanced models from garmin It does not speak the names of streets, but this is not a problem for me. 7
721 dale.wallace Garmin Nuvi 255 easy zooming from screen + and - registration method. Maps have too many incorrect roads in Rural NSW 6
722 Mauvel76 Garmin nuvi 350 Very portable. Spoken directions let you keep your eyes on the road. Sometimes it takes more than 2 minutes to lock onto satellites. 8
723 jhubbard.1 Garmin Nuvi 250 Simple to use and has good battery for wandering around on foot. Well worth the £100 I paid. Nothing major, it prefers its own car charger, and only using this can you see the display and charge otherwise its charge or display using generic chargers. Not a major issue tho. 7
724 wrostom Garmin 765T It is fully loaded, excellent refresh screen (extremely smooth), 3D Building, Life time traffic, Lane Assit. Sluggish performance, Map blank out when trying to re-draw. The system died completely after 6 months due to garmin bad software update!  
725 irangadunu Garmin Nuvi 350 Ihave had no problems so far. The ability to browse the map by moving it aroung on the screen is a definite plus user friendliness and screen tips, also the ability to avoid part of a route. 6
726 walson68 Garmin Nuvi 760 I like the size of the screen and the map layouts. Seems the longer you have it, the longer it takes to boot up,especially when the number of favourites and recently found addresses add up. it gets lost among high rise buildings in the city,keeps recalcutaling!! 7
727 pcc1107 Garmin Nuvi 750 Easy to learn how to use and easy to go from function to function. Sometimes has difficulty picking up a satellite. 3
728 rhewittcook Garmin Nuvi 255 Im a new user and may not be fully qualified to comment, but to date I am totally happy with the Nuvi 255.
It navigated me flawlessly around a capital city I was unfamiliar with for several days in all types of traffic.
The only thing that comes to mind after short use would be the ability to input to the QWERTY layout rather than ABC.... The option to select either is available on the Nuvi 255 8
729 sixlead Garmin nuvi 680 High sensivity receiver for stable satellite reception. Some map software related issues like no building numbers appear in some addresses, probably due to software updating. 7
730 troyday Garmin Nuvi 780 Great so Far - New with Device, no setup issues, using Bluetooth has been easy. Some Voice Dial issues with timing on transfer information to cell phone. 8
731 vladimir.maric Garmin Nuvi 200 Great, intuitive user interface; excellent touch-screen response; robust plastic makes it durable; Sometimes too slow to find signal unless plugged in to car charger; inconsistent battery charge signal. 9
732 dcoleman Garmin 265W Good clear instructions.
Good up to date maps
nice trip meter function.
Buggy Bluetooth if not compatible Mobile phone although other GPSs don't suffer from same problems. 6
733 edmondhung79 Garmin 255W Wide screen, Picture navigation is useful, Friendly interface TTS voices could be clearer but useable, No user manual out of the box. 7
734 trumby69 Garmin Nuvi 265WT Easy to use.
Bright screen.
Bluetooth works great.
Responsive and acurate touch-screen.
No Mp3 support. No AVI support. 7
735 big_jdub Garmin Nuvi 660 easy and free updates through webupdater software, great menus and ease of use. When you Bluetooth sync your cell phone and it uploads your entire address book, why cannot I not save those addresses as favorites or hit GO! on one of my contacts?? 7
736 kestar Garmin Nuvi 3790T Good display clearly visible under most light conditiopns Cannot change distance before various alerts 7
737 madpb Garmin Zumo 550 Garmin Zumo 550
Only Zumo that can hold the entire US and Canada maps.
Optional XM radio , live traffic and live weather are fantastic
Price. 9
738 mlohry Garmin Nuvi 200W Wide screen is extremely easy to see. Very simple. Works great as a handheld and mounted. Less descriptive announcements while driving than others that are higher priced. 6
739 cvaldez Garmin nuvi 660 Big screen, very stable and accurate. Easy to navigate through menus.
Auto shutdown is fantastic.
Touchscreen sometimes miscalibrates, trip information lacking some information such as distance travelled and distance to go. 7
740 acflint Garmin 765 Generally all round a good choice Very poor blutooth, can not work with my Palm 750vand drops connection etc. Can not transfer the address telephone book Complained to TOMTOM whos just said tough we do not support Palm. I thought blutooth was bluetooth. Also cannot choose street first and then suburb. Again TT said tough so if this is important buy something else 4
741 sunfrog garmin nuvi 760 Works quite well. Good range of voices. Pronunciation of some street names a bit strange. 7
742 mick.coleman Garmin nuvi760 & tomtom Go730 1. widescreen
2. clear display in sunlight
1. A little difficult navigating around the menus 2. Phone sounds tinny and echoes for person on other end. 1
743 wocko1 Garmin Mobile XT Use the GPS on your phone None so far 9
744 kharrap2 Garmin Streetpilot c320 convenience of portability and ability to obtain maps for most continents difficult to see in bright sunlight 6
745 leeroy23 Garmin Nuvi 760 Picks up satelites quickly. Large clear screen.
States street names to turn onto. Bluetooth capable for mobile phones. 5 hour battery life. Red light or fixed camera warnings.
Full mobile functions such as texting or phone book only works with some mobile phones. Some times camera warnings come up as a small text warning and other times comes up full screen and have to press ok to get rid of it. 7
746 dtilley5 Garmin Nuvi 760 Ease of use, accuracy, Bluetooth, easy to read bright screen The FM Transmitter is is not quite as good as the Nuvi 660, 9
747 wanda Garmin Nuvi Very compact and handy Would like the stand to be more streamlined. 9
748 julie.kilner Garmin Nuvi 260w I love how my device says the street names. The device doesn't have many weaknesses. I was using a much older GPS and upgraded. This one is quite good. Occasionally there will be some odd routing requests. 9
749 alan Garmin Nuvi 760 The nuvi 760 is completely intuitive to use. It is the sort of unit that your wife would feel comfortable in using. The ability to assist with POIs is a decided advantage. I never knew that there were so many school zones around! The only one is the lack of satellite information. 7
750 rfisher Garmin Nuvi 760 Excellent screen visibility.
Clear map, colours etc
No speech input for entering destination. Lacks menu options compared with Tomtom GO720 6
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