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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
651 Garmin GPSMap 276c Duel purpose able to me used in both the marine and automotive environment  
652 kerrypfeiffer Garmin GPSMap 276c Comprehensive able to be used both in the marine and automotive environment Had initial problems with unit and had to return for warranty work. Works well now though 7
653 drmckenzie1 Garmin nuvi 255w Pros: 1) quick screen load and map changes; 2) good satellite reception; 3) intuitive screen and operation interface. 4) large number of POIs included and the ability to add additional personal POIs; 5) rugged construction; 6) I like it. Mainly regarding the voices. The non-TTS voices are a bit scratchy -- some more than others -- the British voices work best for my ears. The TTS voices are mostly unlistenable for any length of time. Of the TTS group, the Australian voices sound the best to me. I bought this unit specifically for a trip to France, and have realized that the TTS voice function is almost irrelevant for driving in France. As you would expect, none of the English voices pronounce French street names very well. Most of the time, Ill have to look at the screen to figure out what the street actually is. However, I don't think this is a deal-breaker, since I can go with non-TTS voice, and the British lady voice is fine... 7
654 cathomas6 Garmin Street Pilot 7200 The Garmin 7200 is far superior in use for offroading (4X4) due to the brite, large touch screen. Following tracks and track management using Mapsource software is easy. The heavy unit (0.93 lb) requires additional mounting bracing when used in rugged offroading envirnment. 8
655 andre.botha Garmin Mobile XT Convergence of devices - mobile phone and gps   5
656 Garmin Nuvi 260 Accurate, fast, clear directions. Some mispronunciations. Sometimes get double directions line on display. 8
657 snazzit Garmin nüvi 255W I love the ease of use, and the Australian English-Karen TTS voice is very good. I wish it was possible to easily self-edit Map errors. 7
658 diver_318 Garmin GPS MAP76s & Garmin Nuvi 3590 LMT 76s is a very reliable unit with good maps.
Mobile XT being used on an Ipaq
76s getting old now. Slow to find satellites when 1st turned on. Mobile XT much quicker 7
659 skmorsano garmin nuvi 370 bright screen even in day time, clear sound from voice, compact enough to put in your pocket. little slow in looking for sat, wish it had fm transmitter for blue tooth, blue tooth a little staicky. 8
660 vdrweide Garmin Zumo Waterproof, easy to use on a motorbike Slow, limited options 6
661 pi.junk Garmin Nuvi 205 Its easy to use. Basic GPS functionality is present and works well. The map could use some more display options in terms of points of interests. POI icons require a high zoom level to display. While this makes sense for most situations, it is nice to be able to browse the map when not actually moving, browsing POIs in a visual manner. 7
662 hdorpema Garmin zumo 550 Simple and intuitive to operate
Very stable mounting on motorbike (but requires extra RAM mount parts on some)
Car kit included
Smallish screen Low data transfer via USB No SDHC support Occasional nav glitches 7
663 Doug.Hesketh Garmin Nuvi 610 Clear maps, clear instructions and up to date traffic. MP3 player and bluetooth for handsfree phoning. Sometimes the traffic data is out of date, e.g. I am told to avoid a route and I think it looks OK ahead, and it is. OR I am not told to avoid a route and I get stuck in traffic for 20-30 minutes. 8
664 FKWDEW Garmin Nuvi 200 good directions and time estimates slow to acquire satellites and often loses signal 5
665 ken.brid garmin nuvi 250 I am 73 years old and this is my first sat nav the nuvi 250, bought a week before we where going on holiday to wales to visit relatives, who live in little village. We found every one on our list,we out the nuvi we would have had a hard time. We found the picture viewer very handy,as we took 2 sd cards with us to show some photos, its a good clear screen day and night. In the short time i have had the nuvi 250,i not found any weaknesses, for a basic model and price, its very good 8
666 gilksfamily Garmin Zumo 550 Garmin Zumo... can be used on motorbike and 4wd MP3 player is crap. Zumo is expensive 6
667 orion50 Garmin Nuvi 680 Brilliance - display visible under bright/sunny conditions. Rapid startup - finds satallites within 1 minute.
GPS Display - displays satalite location, per satallite signal strength, vehicle speed, coordinates, and altitude.
Map labeling accuracy - many rural roads marked by db index not name. MSN Direct weather icon displays at all times. 7
668 norman.n.anderson Garmin 350 Easy to operate. Clear instructions Came with obsolete maps and took 3 hours to update. 5
669 creel KNA-G431 Kenwood module made by Garmin I have a Kenwood car audio system with tilt/pop out 7 display, coupled to this is the Kenwood KNA-G431 GPS module, made by Garmin.
This is a great system, easy to use with heaps of user adjustable settings.
I can highly recommend this system.
Not a weakness in the system itself, but it is rather costly. I do have a NAVMAN as well, but decided I would prefer to integrate the GPS to my car audio system. 9
670 janicekociol Garmin StreetPilot C550 Best GPS model for the money at the time I bought it (May 2007) StreePilot is now obsolete, though it can still be purchased. 9
671 bigbrada Garmin Nuvi 2455 Great starter GPS....but outgrow it very rapidly. Not a lot of bells and whistles....Bluetooth,MP3 ect 6
672 joseph.steinman Garmin Nuvi 260W decent detour router and auto reroute if off course abc keyboard only - no qwerty keyboard 6
673 mattb348 Garmin Streetpilot c340 Detailed Driving Directions (it tells the actual name of the street and so on).

Talking GPS.
Volume isnt high enough when the window is rolled down. 6
674 alan333 Garmin 755t I like the free traffic information and automatic re-routing. Layout of traffic information is good. Mute for volume not easily accessible. No easy way to switch between route types (fast, econo, etc.) Some weirdness in routing to nearby places. 7
675 richard3 Garmin nuvi205WT Currently a brilliant price, Which? best buy.

Can add data from Google maps.
Doesnt announce place names, roads etc. It seems the US version does. Sometimes directions can be a little unclear especially on more complex junctions eg Near us is a cross road on a curve, unit tell me to turn when it really refers to follow the bend. 7
676 Rnakonec Garmin Nuvi 255 Small, compact, good battery life, Text-To-Speech, nice compact windshield suction mount, easy to use, fast at locating satellites, popular support/compatibility with 3rd party websites. Poor via point management - can not change order easily (at least I haven't discovered how), No QWERTY style keyboard (Grrrr!), Proximity alerts are not directional (I use them to input Red Light camera locations -- annoying beep even AFTER you drive away from intersection), annoying disclaimer screen on EVERY bootup. 5
677 Nigeholme GARMIN NUVI 250 Just bought it found it easy to use Updating the software is complete pain and very time consuming 2
678 derosaar Garmin 760 The Garmin 760 has well spoken street names and many more friendly points The Garmin 760 does not show the speed that you are traveling at on the main map when on route it only has it when viewing the map Speaker not the best when travelling at high speed 9
679 scottadcock Garmin nuvi 760 Easy to use, very good product! Mp3 player function hangs after a few tracks, requiring a reboot!! frustrating when driving. 7
680 debbie4 Garmin nuvi 255W I Find the garmin 255w great in Canada travels, exellent viewing on bright days. Lacks North Eastern Manitoba Towns, National Parks in Canada, and of course, Speed Cameras and alert sounds or screen warnings. 7
681 twowheeljay Garmin Zumo 550 Very durable, waterproof and easy to see screen in sunlight Very expensive, does not show remaining miles to destination like my Nuvi 350 does. 8
682 lee3 Garmin Zumo 550 Can take a variety of different Garmin maps. POIs seem fairly easy to get hold of.
This device is a little clunky to use. The interface is poor compared to TomTom. It does take you on some rather strange routes even when fastest route is selected. Ended up in a field in France once!! 6
683 parrothead Garmin 265W Clear Display, fast acquisition, accurate plotting. Horrible menu system, battery, lack of features. 6
684 martin33333 Garmin Nuvi 250 Worked straight out of the box. Small instruction book had everything needed to start using it. Help files on device brief, but comprehensive and easy to understand. My first GPS device and looking forward to using it in Europe. Needs a cable to register on the Garmin website. Shame it doesnt have one included in the package. Fortunately, my digital camera cable fitted and worked. 7
685 spakkaps GARMIN 3490LMT Voice recognition Updates from tomtom buggy 6
686 rolf.hanusa GARMIN NUVI 660 Full featured. Maps are usually accurate and reliable. On rare occasions, unit hangs and I need to reboot. 7
687 johnporter21 Garmin Nuvi 760 Good screen. Very readable.

Does everything I want.

Very good for hands free, sending text messsages.
Some mispronunciation but this is more funny than seriously off-putting. 8
688 horalsky.vlk Garmin Nuvi 2497LMT Robust. Versatile. Designed with careful thought to its use on a motorcycle (glove-friendly operation - critical buttons, that is: zoom in, zoom, out, volume adjustment provided on front of unit) Manual leaves a lot to intuition. Could be improved by providing a search by city function. 7
689 rbodner Garmin Nuvi 225W This is my second GPS, originally bought a Mio C310 sx (Canada only model) on a hot Boxing Day special, nice unit but they dont offer any map updates for my Canadian model (a real slap..... for my country that trades so much with the Orient) So this Boxing Day (2008) I bought a Garmin. Sofar, very impressed with how the unit performs, upgrades and loads POIs! Got the premium bundle pack Garmin 255W which included mounting hardware and cables for 2 vehicles, a slip in case and a really neat beanbag (with heavy lead shot....not beans) which works just fantastic on my cars dash (here in Winnipeg, just too cold for sticky pad stuff in winter!) Already updated my maps and software plus found Canadian Red Light camera POI now installed.

Best other features: widescreen, spoken street names, great update policy. Mac computer support
Well, the only weakness sofar (just got it recently) is the usual.... documentation that is not the greatest but finding this site has helped. Free POI, red light camera file trial only for overseas is a joke...yea Im going to put my 32 ft motorhome on a boat to go to 8
690 mbateman Garmin Nuvi660 Device is a Garmin Nuvi660.
Very accurate and so far trouble free. Excellent voice guidence .
Lacks advanced lane guidence and can be a bit convoluted when updating maps. 7
691 shelley_abbott GARMIN Venture CX Expansion card 500 Waypoints Limit, Not enough note space on waypoints. 7
692 brian.reid GARMIN ZUMO 550 built in speaker and plug in mike for carphone bluetooth use+
robust - dropped several times
waterprrog for motorbike use
requries lockable £ 170 power cradle for motorbike but Garmin were very helpful with advice
doee not show remaining milage to destination difficult to set average speed settings for road type 6
693 forkitz Garmin Nuvi 880 Very sensitive and accurate 12 channel receiver, Speech recognition works excellent.
MP3 player is fun, FM transmitter works great, strong signal into my car radio. Customer service at Garmin is awesome, simply the best. A very high quality unit.
When adding an address the unit will not allow a telephone number to be added at that time. You must go back to that latest entry and edit, adding the telephone number. 8
694 rodav Garmin nuvi 260w Easy to use.
Loads reasonably quickly.
Recalculates quickly
Will sometimes not identify correct address number when near destination. 7
695 jb Garmin Nuvi 310 Great gadget - links to phone via bluetooth for handsfree that actually works every time! Doesn't always choose the best route and sometimes thinks there's a turning when there just aint. 8
696 tdhood Garmin nuvi 260W Easy to program. Excelent visability. Speed and trip data screen tops. Not able to show speed on maps screen when programed to location it only shows arrival time. Speed is on maps screen if not progamed. Switching back and forth is very distracting 6
697 scott.shuey Garmin Nuvi 750 Great viewing screen size. Thin light weight design good for foot travel as well. Delay/Lag in positioning. On screen vehicle usually behind your current position. Caused me to miss exits or turns that are close together. 5
698 mrjustdis Garmin NUVI 880 This is simple and reliable unit that is turn-key right out of the box. The menu is intuitive and the best feature is the ability to speak commands while you drive. Truly a hands free unit with powerful and useful MSN features. Thought well made and sophiscated, the unit remains a bit pricey. This Garmin, like many others in their porduct line, lacks a comprehensive users manual. The manual can be downloaded from the Garmin site and clearly covers many areas useful to new users. 8
699 tschrader garmin nuvi 255w Nice shaded elevation maps poor labeling of streets, poor audio quality of tts voice. does not remember zoom in or out settings like garmin 350. 4
700 laurencefwhite Garmin Nuvi 260W Good screen and animation. Good navigation engine. Relatively poor interface design. No comprehensive manual or CD-ROM included in box. Maps out of date. No speed limit assist. Screen brightness can be insufficient in direct sun. No lane assist. 5
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