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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
601 Garmin Nuvi 265WT Bluetooth is actually better than I was expecting when paired with my Blackberry.
Very intuitive instructions needed!
Haven't found any yet.
602 whitec50 Garmin Nuvi 750 Easy to read Maps. Menu navigation is good. Slow acquring satellite signal after being shut off for several days. Sometimes slow to re-calculate routes 6
603 mcfarlane.pete Garmin Nuvi 650 Nice wide screen with clean layout. Simple navigation through the menus. Text-to-Speech is a bonus. Served me well for nearly 2 years. Showing its age a bit now. It does have the occasional lock-up. The screen refresh rate is fairly slow. Not too bad really.  
604 binskies Garmin Streetpilot 2720 Waterproof, rugged, good for use on a motorcycle. Touchscreen is easy to use with gloves on. Screen can be hard to see during the daylight hours if the sun hits it just right while riding. Doesn't take SD cards, so memory is limited to what Garmin designed it with. 8
605 satech83 Garmin Nuvi 310 and 50 A good allrounder, and tends to get me where I intend going. Discontinued product, so little support from Garmin. 6
606 satech8 Garmin Nuvi 310 Easy to use, clear map data, users configuration, clear bright screen. Model now obsolete. map data frequently inaccurate, advises to turn off route main route through suburbs, city centres and unsealed road. 5
607 nutec2000 Garmin Nuvi 370 Accurate easy to use. Battery was very easy to replace. When updating maps, if there is a flaw in your internet download, it can screw things up royally. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldnt have updated it. Battery was hard to find. Had to order from Hong Kong 8
608 rh45m Garmin 250W Good clear view of the screen both in daylight & night with the colour change very good. The actual documentation that is supplied with the Garmin 250W is limited & it requires the owner (should they require further information, & they will) to download the complete operating manual from the Garmin site. 7
609 adam.dunbar Garmin Nuvi 265WT User Friendly, Amazing amount of information pre-loaded Traffic Info So-so. Can take a while to recalculate 7
610 clivechan Garmin C320 Reliable, good feature set, low price, no moving parts. Bulky, signal tracking poor in metroplitan areas 7
611 EchoAlpha Garmin Nuvi 765 Seems accurate and has a lot of bells and whistles Very expensive and the on-screen ads get annoying 8
612 les.hemperger Garmin Nuvi 255 Garmin Nuvi 255 - great for me as it has pedestian mode (10 out of 10) ease of use No traffic/redlight camera POI loaded - has to be added later (5 out of 10) 9
613 angelsmg321 Garmin Mobile XT Uses an existing phone instead of an entirely new device. Requires a bit more speed than older PDA phones have to offer. 6
614 bmjae2000 garmin nuvi 265wt Street name announcements, bluetooth, touch screen, life time free traffic Route recalcaculations a little slow. 6
615 foto_adventure Garmin Nuvi 550 Versatile, usage in auto, hiking, photography work, water proof, very please with it. Would be nice to have lane changes in advance, also come with or download one time maybe a topo map of choice. 7
616 anthonycroft Garmin Nuvi 885T Ive upgraded my GPS unit 5 times now to the current Garmin Nuvi 885T. I like Garmin the best. I really like the fact that this one has voice recognition and nearly every other option, including Bluetooth. Its great! Every once in a while it locks up for a few seconds. 8
617 rwlloyd Garmin nuvi 265wt Good sat nav, fast updates, good POI, like the Custom POI feature No mp3 playback (no custom alert sounds), route recalculation is slow 8
618 badgerwhite Garmin Nuvi 2595 Updates are not accurate and do not include military bases where navigon and garmin do Battery is horrible. Dead already. Cannot use device without being plugged in. 7
619 debont.tony Garmin Nuvi 500 The Nuvi 500 is portable and can be used in and out of the vehicle The touchscreen keyboard is alphabetical - confusing if used to qwerty 4
620 joseph.tiernan Garmin Nuvi 255W Quick route planning Limited ability to avoid portions of route. 6
621 juanjosec Garmin nuvi 760 - Wide screen
- Thirty maps providers usually do it for Mapsource(Garmin)
- USB chargeable
- Only 2G internal memory - Non as moddable - Sloooow to catch GPS signal when started 6
622 james3333333 Garmin NUVI 255 and 255W Have Garmin 255 and 255W
Strengths are beautiful simple interface.
Love how it turns on by itself and turns off by itself when you start and stop the car.
Very fast processing and re-routing when I go the wrong way.
Big GPS are silly, take up too much space on the windscreen, the garmin uses the space sensibly in a smaller screen plus the speedo style display of trip meter and speed etc is great
Love how they have mac software to manage their devices.
Doesnt come with speed cameras etc by default Upgrading maps when you have more than one unit ends up downloading same file each time until I figured it out I could re-use existing files. 9
623 ccarlsy Kenwood DNX7100 Garmin Great built in GPS on HeadUnit. 7 Inch Screen Not Portable. 3
624 wally48 Garmin GPSMAP60CX -Plenty of features
-Excellent GPS signal reception
-Durable and rugged
-Excellent visibility in sunlight
-Long battery life

I am very happy with this device.
I cant think of any significant weaknesses of this device worth mentioning. 9
625 jvuceric Garmin Nuvi 260 Excellent Value.
Easy to use.
Looks great.
Easy to read maps.
Acquires satellites quickly and effectively.
Very reliable.
Doesn't have Bluetooth option for handsfree phone calls. There are a lot of sub menus, which sometimes makes finding a specific feature or option a bit of a maze. 7
626 kmburns Garmin nuvi 765T Easy to use, well designed, user interface;
New upcoming turn indicator displays direction of next turn, and/or lane guidance;
Ability to customize the data field on the map to show distance, remaining time, direction of travel, elevation, or time of day;
Fast frame rate makes for ultra smooth scrolling map when navigating.
No way to exclude a specific road or highway from the planned route; Cannot sort Favorites alphabetically; saved addresses always listed in order of closeness to your current location; Internal speaker isnt loud enough. 8
627 shaun33 Garmin nĂ¼vi 265WT Bluetooth, lifetime Realtime Traffic, voice guided (in many languages), very user-friendly. Saving local points of interest (My Favorites) is not intuitive. 8
628 dcdib Garmin 765T all the right features, bluetooth, lane assist, speaks street names, lifetime traffic. All appear to work as advertised though not perfect. need to keep on max volume; may still be too low for some people. Had issue with routes selected under fastest time but changed avoidance to remove avoid u-turns and seem to work better with that off. Have only had it about a month. 7
629 tek_stuff Garmin GPSMap 60CSx This electronic device has the ability to communicate with alien technology, showing you where you are in the world. Its origin stems from one of the first contacts where a UFO was shot down in central America, back in the thirties. Aliens would actually implant the device in a human and track their activities. This model combines our technology with the aliens and is very powerful and accurate. The LCD screen is hard to read when it is sunny out. The compass too often needs calibration and can only be used when the device is held perfectly level. 7
630 jason.groves Garmin NUVI 260 Small size
Fast satellite acquisition
Excellent text-to-speech function
Good POI support
Lack of QWERTY keyboard 7
631 jason33333 Garmin XT Runs on old phones (S60 2nd edition) Bad text input on keypad phones 6
632 mjwilson garmin nuvi 500 Does a lot of things decently. For example, it is an decent auto gps, but is waterproof and can be used on my motorcycle in all weather. It has topo maps and is small and light enough to be hand held or put in a pocket, and is great for casual hiking. Nice sized screen that is well lit. I use it for all these things and it is perfectily adequate. Currently the price is very good on this unit. There is a trade off on a lack of extra features you might find in specialty auto units, motorcycle units, and walking/terrain units for this one trying to do them all. Dont buy this one if you will only use it in your car or on your motorcycle or on your hiking trips. 7
633 gwnet Garmin 3590LMT OK as GPSs go
Software is good except for Mac inadequacies
Customer Service Software for Mac incomplete Mobile phone volume Map inaccuracies 4
634 paulgurton Garmin 760 Very good at storing favourites by name address and phone number.
Map sometimes takes you completely the wrong way down dirt tracks etc 8
635 paulghyland Garmin Nuvi 310 Compact, Accurate, Portable, Anti-theft lock & Anti-Theft Window Stickers, well supported Bluetooth phone feature is not great - people on the receiving end of the call find it difficult to hear you while driving. 6
636 donnerst Garmin Nuvi 2360 Has both US and European maps. Was relatively inexpensive give the map contents. Can occasionally be slow to acquire satellites. 8
637 klce Garmin nuvi 855 voice activation is great power on/off power usage 6
638 danska Garmin Nuvi 680 Nice Screen, quick Keyboard isnt standard like a basic computer, Not used to it. Not a big deal 7
639 lhetrick Garmin 2610 Customizable on-screen information.
Great control over auto-routing variables.
Overall ruggedness.
Industry-standard memory card.
Obsolete - no more updates, fewer refurbs available. No battery. Screen Glare in low-angle light. Touchscreen longevity. 7
640 aol Garmin Nuvi 360 After using a Looket G8 for 6 months, this is heaven! Has lots of features that the Looket doesnt have. Biggest attraction for me is the USB connection, enabling updates etc. The bluetooth is fantastic. Just linked it up to my phone and bingo! Been able to download all sorts of software and POIs. All in all, great satnav. Only had it a couple of days, so a little early yet. But from what i have seen so far, no gripes. Perhaps someone can tell me its weaknesses? 7
641 dldeviller Garmin nuvi 260 Compact
accurate maps (as long as you have the updates)
Speaks street names and directions
Fee for regular updates (however the pay once lifetime updates membership worth it in the long run) 8
642 dennis.hall2 garmin 610t its ok does my job it can freeze at times which can be a problem 6
643 iana2smith Garmin Zumo 550 Easy to use. Good cmbo of features for the motorbike and good to use in car. No real complaints. Not much. Quite expensive. If you set a route with waypoints and you decide to by-pass a waypoint and go tp a subsequent one, there is no easy way to this. 8
644 erinninn Garmin nuvi 250w 1) Easy to use
2) Fast search
3) Clear navigation instruction
1) No signal in indoor, 2) Slow connection to satelite if not connected to the car. 7
645 denniswiebe Garmin Colorado 300, Garmin iQue M5 Durable (water, dust, shock resistant), small, lots of features. Programmable shortcuts to help personalize the operation of the unit. Unable to operate while plugged in, whether to a computer or just for power. 7
646 weimanns Garmin Nuvi 660 Clear spoken directions.

Map layout is excellent.

Garmin now offers lifetime upgrades (4 times a year) at a fair price versus paying every year.

Playing music through FM trnsmitter: Poor organization of choosing what to play. Some movement through choices is tedios. For example, in entering Favorites, you have to back out many levels one at a time--there is no overall exit. 7
647 spidervan Garmin Nuvi 265WT Easy mount/dismount, portable, text-to-speech, lifetime traffic, widescreen, and Bluetooth. Difficult to customize. Lackluster Bluetooth hands-free speakerphone call quality. Searching POI database by spelling a business name is slow. Touchscreen requires a firmer touch. Can't customize the information displayed on the map screens information bar. Internal speaker isn't loud enough 6
648 deanfrisch Garmin Street Pilot 7200 Easy to read screen size.
Plenty of bells and whistles.
Remote helps navigate more safely through menus, etc.
Tends to lose satellite signals easily. Documentation poor... although there are many ways to customize the unit to display and utilize all its features, the manual barely scratches the surface and requires patience to feel your way through the adjustments. 8
649 wtgambo9 Garmin GPSMap76CSx GPSMap76CSx by Garmin has been great for kayak touring, backpacking and travel. It floats and has been rugged and reliable. 2gb micro SD holds entire City Navigator set. Works great for geocache, routes reliably, adequate tracks and POI loading. The 76CSx is large by current standards. The altimeter is only used rarely bushwhacking. 8
650 van Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT Lighter weight and more compact than TomTom. Thus lesser weight and size to mount. Price is good by comparison to others. Good accesories kit currently on offer gratis. Having to deal with Garmin Australia. I asked them where to and how to obtain Europe mapping. Then I annoyed them by asking a number of other logical questions. A family member purchased it as a present for me and paid a cash price $59 less than RRP. 6
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