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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
551 Garmin Nuvi 765T I use it for at least 6 hours a day driving around the south of england. I only used the bluetooth phone connection for a while and it worked well. Traffic updates works well and have saved me lots of time / aggro.
My third Garmin
none after software upgrade. If you use the internal speaker for the phone it is not very loud for a van, use the fm transmitter and link it up to your stereo.
552 drsykotic Garmin 255W Good display and sound. Seems rugged. Eco-Route feature tells you how efficiently (%) you are driving based on your cars MPG ratings and factory installed speed limits.

Just purchased so I am still evaluating this model.

After much research I felt the BLuetooth option and traffic alerts was unreliable.
Only shows time of arrival and not time left to arrive. Cant custom program turn/off-ramp alerts (in miles/km). The suction-cup mount has a ball and ring configuration to swivel. I suspect the metal ring may weaken with time making it impossible to keep the unit exactly where you want it. ie. the unit will sag. 7
553 larne Garmin Nuvi 610 Speed of recalculation of route; clear mapping Traffic service. Worse than no traffic service 5
554 jonmax3 GARMIN STREET PILOT 7200 Lge screen easy to read, fits well in my GMC truck
Spoken word keeps my eyes on the road.
NO BLUE TOOTH connection. Why not !!. Will buy another Brand when I upgrade if BT still not avail and is the reason for the 7/10. along with the map updates are still 12 to 18 month behind. Eg Southern Freeway in SA 4Yrs + completed still not shown on maps 6
555 rob3333333 Garmin GMAP 60CSx Handheld Excellent for marine use - strong and robust - has been dropped many times! The screen is a little small and not as bright/sharp as it could be.  
556 hhamby6159 garmin 765 Just got my 765t garmin and the ease of use is great. Still learning alot of things about it but would recomend since this is the first gps I ever used. Easy to set up, the screen is great, and shows you the streets that you pass on the way to your destanation. the bluetooth doesnt have alot of compatibility with cell phones yet and the map software just takes a very long time to load. 7
557 transitdoctor TomTom 740, Garmin 1690 & Magellan 3100 740 Live - IQ Routes
Garmin 1690 - 2YR data plan included; MRC for data services is to be lower than TomTom Live services
740 Live does not announce on which side of street destination is; it shows it visvually via an arrow. 740 Live sometimes will reboot while in use. Slow to recalculate route. 4
558 sat Garmin Zumo 550 Does everything I need it to, useful functionality and robust. Not full postcode search. Sometimes estimated times to destination are too optimistic. 7
559 terrywo Garmin 785T MSN traffic works well so far. Also ability to use routes and plan trips using MS Streets and Trips is a plus. Very fast satellite acquisition. None at this point 7
560 sswu88 Garmin Nuvi 660 Generally works well and intuitively
Nice large screen
Lots of features though I dont use most of them
- It would be nice if there were a single button to take you back to the main Map page - Search feature - would be nice if it would remember recently visited cities so you dont have to retype the city name 8
561 dirk.regending Garmin Nüvi 765 Tfm Calculation is very quick reality view for very few locations only. Speed limits are not correct on many roads. Some younger streets are not shown in the map 6
562 busiak Garmin Nuvi 255W It finds the remotest destinations. Easy to enter destinations. Easy to follow. Not an option to stick with main roads. Often end up on rural crude roads not so easy to drive on especially pulling a trailer. 7
563 thebuyer garmin nuvi 660 fm Garmin are experts when it comes to SatNavs. Presentation of map details 2D and 3D very good. Good support site. Useful travel kit apps (MP3 player, audible book player, picture viewer, calculator, currency converter, etc.) for when on ones travels. Nice wide touch screen. FM link to radio good on a clear free fm channel. Lifetime Traffic Master subscription. Good Bluetooth for mobile use. Earphone jack. Flexible configuration options. Can load many personal POIs. Proximity Points - single, continuos audio. Free trial safety camera subscription period. Solid workhorse for the last 2.5 years. 99.5% gets one to ones destination without interruptions. Bright display and decent built-in speaker. Decent SD card slot. Only 1 interim destination point but created a work around. Loss of map details north of London M1 Junctions 10 - 6 (put this down to map issue). Cannot switch off Traffic Master if alternate routes not required. 0.5% takes one on some interesting routes (but this is a mapping issue). Heavy noise in/around vehicle can sometimes drown the SatNav voice. Configure for no U turns but sometimes insists on one making U turns. 8
564 Derrick.Chin Garmin Nuvi 765T Overall a very good GPS. Lane assist and junction maps are still in development. Lose its way on George Washington Bridge - thinks I am on lower level road. FM transmitter is weak. 9
565 aerazona Garmin nüvi 775T Comes with FM Traffic. Ability to expand with SD Card. Very Accurate. Track log is short compared to previous Garmin Models I have used (Street Pilot 2730). Does not accept XM Antenna from previous unit. When I connected this device to my vehicle stereo via headphone jack, I heard a constant buzzing. 8
566 criecker Garmin Nuvi 300 Great basic device. Very limited internal storage. Does not speak street names. 4
567 lpvoucher Garmin Nuvi 760 Multi function Poor FM connectivity 8
568 soukupak Garmin Oregon 300 Garmin Oregon 300 .... woooow excellent!!! poor batery 9
569 munaaffandi Garmin Nuvi 265wt Strong signal reception
user friendly interface
No MP3 Player No live time update 7
570 b3acon Garmin Nuvi 660 Clear mapping.
Rapid response to satellites.
Great 1st SatNav
Poor traffic reporting. Difficult to reroute when on journey. Occasional software crashes. 6
571 navanit.lachman Garmin Street Pilot C510 Easy to navigate through the user menu. Selection buttons are nice and big. Very simple and menu layout. Good GPS recepetion, hardly ever drops out. Comes with nice GPS holder. The size is little big due to the GPS receiver according to Garmin. Sometimes there is a slight delay in instructions if you looking for a specific street and there are multile streets right next to each other. 7
572 sternentanz3 Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx Perfect (!!) outdoor unit, while even usable in-car for simple navigation.
An ever-classic device, I do not know of any better at this price level!
If you really want to get all features out of it, then I recommend my personal way: If all else fails, read the instructions! ;) You should! 8
573 g.rivers Garmin Nuvi 680 Accurate, great screen clarity, fast re-routing capabilities. Not enough data fields to tweek. 7
574 charlesbaker Garmin Nuvi 780 Great features so far, especially the MSN Direct with Traffic and News updates. Missing a few features in others Ive had that would make finding old routes easier, but still learning about the unit. Stocks on MSN Direct are very limited. Nothing like my XM radios. 9
575 brian_snelson Garmin Nuvi 255W Ease of use, portability, lots of bang for the buck. Clumsy keypad, sparce help on proximity alerts, speaker/volume insufficient. 6
576 ciscomad Garmin 760T Excellent screen quality and brightness
Professional navigation options
Handsfree doesn't work so well in my car (road noise too loud). Screen refresh isn't smooth.  
577 tazdevil28 Garmin nuvi 370 Nice screen size display not bright enough on sunny days. 4
578 miami53 Garmin Nuvi 660 Nice & easy to use The brightness setting resets itself each time it is switched off. 7
579 mrfixit40 Garmin nuvi 2589 lmt Works ok on open spaces.
In cities like Ottawa downtown, sometimes looses satellites near buildings, but recalulates when it locks on very quickly.
Ive exchanged this unit once already since it could not lock onto satellites but this second one is working fine... so far 9
580 stgmgr Garmin nuvi 1450T Ease of use. Accuracy. Routing such that your destination is always on your right. 7
581 mr100pad GARMIN NUVI 200W The most important reason for buying an in-car Sat Nav is the accuracy of its maps, and I have to say that all the feed-back and experience Ive had says that Garmin maps are the more comprehensive and accurate the Garmin Nuvi 200w has no traffic capabilities 8
582 tarunkhera Garmin 765t Easy to use and good graphics Lags in accuracy and Touchscreen not as sensitive. 7
583 dmiskec Garmin Oregon 300 big memory, external 4 GB SDHC card, water resist no voice navigation, silent piezo speaker 7
584 baross Garmin Nuvi 660 Nice screen size for driving. Reasonably quick boot up time. Relatively intuitive interface. Does not adapt to new time zones (like a cell phone does) 7
585 gedanate Garmin Zumo 550 Simple to use. Has Bluetooth for listening to GPS commands, mobile phone and/or listening to MP3 music files while riding. Pain to register and activate. The Garmin doesn't have the great safety features such as the Where Am I button, or auto-dialling emergency numbers. 5
586 rman_id Garmin Street Pilot 7200 Does a great job of following my companies routing by adding fuel stops. Sometimes routes in areas I dont want to be in. 9
587 pseudo-fed Garmin 765T Custom POIs, Bluetooth output, headset jack Special Dock, which limits traffic receiver use when mounted to a motorcycle 7
588 70icorr Garmin 265WT Simple to operate, clear screen and intuitive controls. Good dashboard or screen mounting.
ETA based on driving at maximum speed limits so unrealistic. ECO route seems to be more of a gimmik than any practical use. Traffic alerts are patchy buy suspect this is the quality of the information provided by third party. 7
589 bestalma Garmin Nuvi 250W Ease of use.
Internal antenna, high performance GPS receiver.
4.3 wide-screen
Good price for a Garmin.
No text-to-speech No bluetooth 7
590 HuffRW3 Garmin Nuvi 275T A very good basic GPS unit that does everything I really need. I wanted the small size of a 3.5 inch wide unit. The display is very bright and readable.
Having both the European and North American maps is a big plus for me.
I do not like like that there is no near location option to search for POIs and Favorites around an area that you have pointed to on the map. All the available near options are clumsy and time consuming. I have not found an easy way to load Panoramio linked photos on the external Mini SD card. No standard AC power cord. 7
591 kjellNN Garmin nüvi 265W Map information generally found to be accurate, routing was good, recalculations worked well. When placed on the windscreen mount the heat from the sun will cause the device to stop working. Some sort of heat shield is needed. Some road information in France was incorrect, road not built yet (Summer 2009). 7
592 malf1968 Garmin GPSmap 60CSx Portable
Easy to upload maps
Not ideally suited for city navigation but it was not specifically purchased for that use. 8
593 richard_hackney garmin 265t easy to use - powerful computer does not provide either the fastest or shorter route to destination 9
594 kkauser Garmin StreetPilot 2610 waterproof, good pc interface, rugged, auto lbacklight setting, good maps - even home made ones, good touchscreen, excellent for motorbiking with Touratech cradle outside power dependent, no more support from factory (software and hardware) 8
595 siemensdb Garmin 1260 excellent Navigation
Compact size & light weight
Good screen resolution & color
Simple & intuitive Software
Speed limits displayed for most streets
Small and intelligently designed screen mount
Lousy speaker quality Insufficient customization capabilities, e.g. distance to POIs such as speed cameras, speed of activation etc No audible alerts when exceeding speed limits Screen mount is not powered therefore unit must be plugged /unplugged with each use No simple way of turning off Bluetooth connection to Mobile 6
596 wojtek Garmin Nuvi 765T + GPmapa Very quick and accurate, nice GUI and full of functions, like FM transmitter, BT or mp3 Player, really good value for money, i think. not many, maybe battery life 8
597 dejagere Garmin Zumo 500 Garmin Zumo 500: Easy to swop from bike to car, connects easily from headset and phone to device.

When entering the password it sometimes accepts it before entering all letters and the process starts again. 6
598 schmidklaus Garmin Nuvi 5000 & Nuvi 1350T Nuvi 5000: large high-resolution display

Nuvi 1350T: pedestrian/public transit features, battery power and portbility

Nuvi 5000: NO BATTERY power Nuvi 1350T: City Explorer software needs further development - public transit not included in all cities 7
599 sogoba1 Garmin Nuvi 780 Wonderful GPS
Lot of features (Media player, Picture viewer, MSN direct, Calculator, World clock, Currency converter, Unit Converter, Language Guide)
Weak Fm transmitter 7
600 steven_j_manning Garmin StreetPilot i3 Lightweight, small, AA batteries, quick to recalculate Small screen. 7
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