Custom GPS map tool with multiple GPS POI listing options

Custom POI map tool:

         Do you need a map with your GPS location listed as a GPS Point of Interest (POI)?

         This online map tool will help you to create it in a minute.

         You can use our 3-steps-listing option (recommended), or simply enter your GPS coordinates and your location details and see an instant result.
         Preview the map and use generated HTML code onto your website. You website can be GPS ready in less than a minute.

How to list your location for use as a GPS POI:

1. Find your location on the map and press [Map link] to generate HTML code for emails and web pages.
1. Enter your coordinates (decimal longitude and latitude).
2. Enter your location name and descriptions.
3. Press "Map" button to see the map link html code and map.

Our map links will allow your web visitors to print the map and to save your custom GPS location to their GPS devices (Garmin, Magellan, Navman, TomTom, and many other popular GPS brands.)
Your location:
LongitudeLatitudeLocation name, address, phone or description
Coordinate finder (find your GPS coordinates)

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Thank you for using our free POI tools and data.

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