Loading POI files
with Online POI Loader and
POI Loader for Windows

Following these basic instructions to load Extra POI into a Garmin unit:

Online POI Loader:

1. Download a personal GPI file from https://www.gps-data-team.com/gps-poi.php

2. Save it to your Garmin into the [POI] folder,

3. Restart your Garmin.

Alternatively, you can use the following procedure to install downloaded files

1. Download and install the latest version of POILoader.

2. Create a POI folder to hold all your Custom POI. Use c:\garmin\GPS-Data-Team

3. Download all required POI files (CSV or GPX, BMP, MP3 or WAV) from
POI Directory and save them into the folder c:\garmin\GPS-Data-Team

4. Some new Nuvi units (2xx, 1xxx, 3xxx, etc) use WAV sound files. All other Garmin Nuvi units use MP3 sound files. Garmin does not have pre-installed a sound conversion program called SOX.EXE. You can download and read more about SOX HERE.

5. WAV enabled Nuvi unit owners only: Goto C:\Program Files\Garmin and/or find the program POILoader.exe (Step 1). Save SOX.EXE (Step 4) to the folder. The folder should contain both POILoader and SOX.EXE.

6. Using Windows Explorer open the folder c:\garmin\GPS-Data-Team. It contains all files to be loaded into your Garmin. POI files can be either CSV or GPX. These file names must be identical with the exception of the file extension (step 3).

7. Connect your Garmin to your PC using the USB cable. If you use a SD card reader, connect it to your PC.

8. Start POILoader.

9. Select Garmin Device as Where to save your Points of Interest and press Next. Your Garmin GPS will be shown in the box labeled Device. Make sure the appropriate device appears in the Device field. If not, click Find Device. If you have multiple devices connected to your PC, select the device you want from the drop-down list. Press Next again.

10. Use the BROWSE button to find the location of the files to be loaded (c:\garmin\GPS-Data-Team).

11. Select the measurement units used: Feet and Miles per hour or Meters and Kilometers.

12. Use Automatic loading (for beginners). It'll play automagically alerts for Redlight and Speed traps. For all other alert sounds you may select MANUAL and set either a distance or speed alert trigger. If a file name contains any number, POILoader will use it as a speed camera alert trigger and play the sound file for that POI. Press Next.

13. POILoader will load all POI files, BMP icons and sound files. All source file(s) errors will be reported. When finished, POILoader will tell you the number of successfully loaded points of intertest.

IMPORTANT: POILoader will overwrite the previously created GPI file. You will loose any POI not contained in your source folder (c:\garmin\GPS-Data-Team).

14. Disconnect your NUVI using the Stop/Eject USB device.

15. Restart your Garmin GPS and select WHERE TO -> EXTRAS to see your new CUSTOM POI.
Once again, each time you use POI Loader, it erases the custom points of interest in your GPS and replaces them with new ones.

Hint: If you want more than one category in your GPS, you need to load multiple POI files at the same time. Keep your POI files updated in c:\garmin\GPS-Data-Team\
You can create multiple subfolders in that directory and POI loader will create multiple GPI files for easier POI management. Find more about Extra POI Folders...

It should be that easy
 Enjoy and drive safely
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