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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
1 Garmin Nuvi 2599 Responsive, bright touchscreen.

Generally sensible route plotting, and smartphone link works fine.

It's served us well for nearly two years, and only frozen once en route.

Clear maps, clear directions, with free traffic updates.

Live search only works intermittently (it originally worked fine). Speed cameras have stopped consistently showing up after recent update, which is something we're still trying to fix. Garmin Express can be a bit of a pain for updates, and it's extremely fussy about which USB wire you use to connect it with. Hours have been lost wrestling with the updates process on occasion.
2 david.t.king Garmin Nuvi 2350LMT Power automatically connected when put in car stand. POI directions are always shown as if the vehicle is facing north when vehicle is not in motion (e.g. sitting in a rest area trying to find a place for lunch. Very difficult to determine if a restaurant is in your direction of travel. 6
3 xgarys TomTom 620 Go Wifi Large screen, great mounting method Very complicated and difficult to set up and use while driving, customer service is polite but acts like they know nothing about the product 3
4 cruzadojacinto mercedes map pilot this is the official model provided by Mercedes@2016, it's GARMIN and admit GPI files. Main strength is very nice voice recognizer POIs part is very limited, there is categories but can be shown either all or none, no possible to select which category you wish to show. Indeed no messages or sounds, wav, mp3 files can be associated or maybe it possible but not instructions at all. 4
5 pcitgrp Garmin Nuvi 2517LM This is a fantastic SATNAV. I've never had any problems with it and it's accuracy and speed are great. I'd highly recommend it to anyone. I can't think of any weaknesses that this model has other than the fact that I can no longer find different voices for it. 9
6 ryanjames132001 tomtom / samsung mostly use smart phone for Tom tom which works well when signal is not the best, location map constantly updating downsides, map downloads can often crash and completely break the current download version, not all postcodes show, i.e my postcode not showing. 7
7 philip.brain VW Discover Pro Built in as part of a multimedia system. Directions at junctions are not as intuitive as some other systems as they lack detail. 6
8 robert.leary iPhone 6 The phone is very slim and light weight with a high resolution screen. It still keeps a good charge, even after 2 years of use. MS Office 365 apps and many others work well and seamlessly integrate with my iPad and standard PC. Although I believe iPhones are the best on the market, their price is high, yet I can't seem to do without one. Also, I have had three screens break and the cost to replace is a $100. 9
9 waynebondhushmail tomtom start 50 Good all rounder, gets you from A to B Great for standard vehicles. Not good for large vehicles, i.e. trucks and such. 9
10 daniel.leuenberger Clarion 502E Has lots of advanced functionalities, from different angle camera views, DAB, USB, SDHC, DVD/CD, etc. Not always working stable 6
11 brsed1 Garmin RV660LMT easy to use, large, loud RV sizing keeps it off roads it can take easily 8
12 malcolmdean1988 Falcon Navigator large 7 display for motorhome use, large clear icons for turns etc. North up map view not available as permanent mode whilst driving (I prefer in strange territory). Speed limit indication not always visible when start-up is between speed limit road signs (only used for 1 week to date). 5
13 prolecata Garmin dash cam 35 Good video, good alerts, easy to use. Hard wiring is difficult because of mass storage alert from the usb. 7
14 niel.ocarroll Garmin 3590LM Pretty good, all the bells and whistles, if you need them. Currently cannot understand some of the routes it takes me on. Think there is probably a setting issue 7
15 dulanweerasinha TomTom XL Has proved to be robust and reliable over the years, and easy maintenance. Wish it had a proper firmware-upgradable architecture. 6
16 grognotcrepy Garmin Nuvi 3597 LM Very nice and thin case
Ease of use
Fast calculations
Advanced use : easy to transfer maps, personal POIs and so on (better than TomTom devices)
Price (350 euros). But the quality is here.. 7
17 gidat1 garmin drive 50 Has a voice command. Also smart phone connection with blue tooth. Works very well too sensitive to touch7 6
18 larry.pullen4 Garmin Smartdrive 60 The Speed is Good
The Ease of use is brilliant
Has free Life Time Map and Speed Camera Updates
3D Buildings could be added 8
19 rob.walker Garmin Nuvi 265W Gets me to customers other devices cant find Lack of lane guidance 6
20 wlibert4 Garmin Navigator On the 2017 Honda CR-V the satellite linked navigation display it incredible Honda/Garmin severely crippled the system by not providing access to an SD card slot as well as no method to create and save custom points of interest 1
21 richard-PDB-GPS44 Garmin GSP nuvi 3597 Very clear directions, screen and turn/exit directions. Very good voice directions. Rapid recalculation. Excellent accuracy of map database. Entering addresses is absolutely quirky and often frustrating: occasionally it's easy and straightforward, but commonly one needs to pick the correct abbreviation for AV/AVE/Avenue, ST/Street/str, etc. No easy possibility of modifying a suggested route, ala Google maps dragging a route. 4
22 roopam.kaur4 Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT Voice Command, Bluetooth, Mapings and Spoken Directions and Lifetime free maps Safety alerts need to be subscribed. 6
23 alanon.sr3 Garmin nuvi 2595lmt largely accurate, reliable. Voice Commands works very nicely. LMT services only useful for interstate driving. Be nice to have that work for local major roads as well. 7
24 tammytrans14 nuvi 2699LMTHD Has voice command and provides hands-free for my mobile (which I rarely use while driving, so it does not interfere with navigation audio. Traffic cable does not have an USB port, so it occupies my older vehicle's only electrical source. 7
25 donovan Garmin Zumo 595LM Awesomely fast to process, start up and get on with. Built to take updates and well thought out unit. Weight could be less and a lockable mount for motorcycle could be standard 8
26 ebu44 Garmin Drive 60 Nice big screen, great flexibility with what you see on the screen, traffic is a good feature, handy to have lifetime free map updates, knows the school zone times, tells you your next two moves when they are close together Doesn't know local speed limits (50km/hr), just bongs for overspeed and bongs for speed camera (no spoken warnings), no ability to tell it what amount over the speed limit you want the bong to happen at, doesn't speak the speed limit to you when you are over speed, doesn't show you your next two movements on screen, maps are out of date (speed changes from over a year ago still not reflected), speed camera data is poor - unless you pay $40 per year to subscribe to their service (which is still lacking compared to GPS Data Team). 4
27 quranp44 TomTom Large screen and customization in the menu options. File transfer, routing options, POI customization 5
28 msmith5242 Garmen 2589LMT Voice activation seems to work well. Ships with insufficient memory 5
29 ipapa-GDT4 Chinese Multimedia Car unit running Windows ce with Primo iGO on micro SD card Nice unit, great price. No real support and the software I'm sure is pirate as Naviextras refuse to provide updated maps. 4
30 johnpoi-GPS44 garmin nuvi 2xx7 Good value with free for life europe map updates.
Updating maps is a pain. Rarely works first time. Creating favorites is totally non intuitive 6
31 ino_-GDT-GPS4 iPhone 6s My iPhone 6s installed a navigation iGO is functioning well and im using it since 2011 and im satisfied from this product There can be more often updates and of course maps of East Europe should work more accurately for instance with house numbers or at list with POI 9
32 steven.e.kay navman S90i Always gets me where I want to go, easy to use and if you find somewhere by accident, that you realy like, just take a picture and the route is automatically stored in the device. Lack of update as this device is now obsolete  
34 Catstycam Garmin Camper 760 great for the motorhome, not got me into trouble.. yet.
tricky to navigate to a POI some distance away 7
35 david.lmorley Suzuki Head Unit Device is inbuilt into Suzuki Swift. The device has a good display as one would expect with Garmin. It is fitted in a central position in the dash containing the infotainment system. The device comes with Garmin 3.6 software and no safety camera or traffic information. The Suzuki dealership are less than helpful in assisting with an update, put simply they do not know how or do not want the hassle. 7
36 keithaird VW RNS510 large screen, easy intuitive use no speed camera advance warnings 8
37 e.hutcheon Mio Spirit 5450LM The lane adviser for junctions is handy. Shuts down when in an eco-drive type car. Loses sat signal annoyingly often and can stay out of contact for very long periods. 5
38 skihunter Garmin Nuvi 3590 battery life, pedestrian mode, ability to play music and video. Traffic info slow to update 8
39 homer_webster Garmin Nuvi 2599 Free maps for life, easy to use Speed cameras cost, can be quiet in nosy vehicles, doesn't always know the speed limit. Too many icons on the screen after loading Custom POI! 6
40 sgtworld samsung sm-G903F the device is a good size not to big and not to small for my liking. the device has a reasonably good picture quality the device could do with being a little quicker, responding to touch and app open speeds are not at all the best 6
41 john.wennborg RNS510 Built-in, thereby less desirable to thugs! Touch screen interface somewhat sluggish. 5
42 dougie.veitch Garmin Camper 760LM Large size - easy to read; ability to programme vehicle dimensions to avoid inappropriate routes; simple to use; lifetime download of updated maps once initial payment was made; good website is easy to use. Garmin website doesn't have full functionality when using Chrome 8
43 blaidd.jones RNS510 its nice and easy to use although you can add speed cameras you have no audible warning 7
44 nicf Garmin 2597LMT Good solid reliable performance, with great (if expensive) mounting system so I can transfer it between cars. Although the device works well, and the Garmin Express software is easy to use for maintaining updates of software and maps, the Garmin online shop and support is woeful. 3
45 keith.brine RNS510 voice activation, works well with VW personal POI's difficult to create and edit 8
46 mikeowens750 Garmin Zumo 350LM Works fine on the bike Non-standard waypoints and routing so sometimes tedious 7
47 rremmuss81 PNI L807 A very good device for his price Cheap plastic and on the sun some visibility issues with the screen. 7
48 dcgmenterprises Garmin Nuvi 2689LMT After previous versipon of Nuvi I have to say that I like the 4 Square especially Smart Link! Should have come with an anti reflection screen rather than buy one for it. 7
49 bluesworldtour TomTom XXL Always gets me there. It is the slowest satnav I've ever come across. I can take 5 minutes to boot up and if your in a busy city you've almost certainly passed your turning before it has updated. If I have to buy another I wouldn't opt for a TomTom 1
50 poppopsbasement Samsung Galaxy S5 SM G900V Now that Google maps has offline mode, does pretty much everything a dedicated GPS will do, (at least for me). Also use Delorme (now Garmin) Inreach SE sat com/tracker. Definitely like that option. Cell phone battery life can be an issue, but I carry backup power. 7
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