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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
1 Kenwood 5260BT good accuracy on post codes Occasional restart required
2 DNX719VHD Garmin Kenwood DNX719vhd built in to the vw specific Kenwood 719vhd radio, works great, use it all the time. Beat my sisters device by 20 minutes at a recent family reunion where neither of us knew the way, Garmin ~40 mins, sisters route on another device ~60 minutes traffic warnings often a day late. Sittting in bumper to bumper, warning traffic ahead it says....No probs, not necessarily Garmins fault but I wish it would more proactively monitor the route it suggests, looking at the whole route instead of whats immediately ahead of you. (to be fair i am not sure any do this) But I do know others are way more on top of traffic and stuff... 8
3 benboycott Kenwood DNX5220BT Style, ease of use, sound quality BT communication not 100% reliable 7
4 a.runeberg Kenwood DNX4210BT Autoradio with Garmin GPS No external SD Card slot 9
5 mcshenk kenwood dnx890 works great so far database seems good calculates quickly location accurate easy zoom and pan brightness not controllable routing seems less than optimal, does not always take the quickest route. 7
6 terence-okeefe4 Garmin/Kenwood DNX5260BT This is a Hyundai built-in media upgrade which is quite satisfactory.
But I feel the GPS isn't as good as as my old portable GPS unit.
Micro SD slot for POIs in an awkward position. 7
7 frisbee44 Kenwood 9980HD In-dash head unit with above average sound quality and GPS. Pretty much everything else 3
8 yetibite Kenwood DNX5220BT Good device, all round good for an inbuilt system. Little dated now being a 2008 model, and slow to update maps. 7
9 deanomarino31 Kenwood/Garmin KNA-G430 Inbuilt into DVD/CD/Radio Route selection is based on road length x posted speed only does not account for intersections or gravel roads often sends me the quickest but most indirect way!! 5
10 msammut Garman in kenwood dnx7320 With custom POI speed alerts and all other alerts to save lives and money Costs a lot to upgrade maps 6
11 sredd68 Kenwood DNX9140 w/ Garmin GPS Clear and concise routes w/ an occasional unneeded variance Doesn't have lane guidance or 3d landmarks. 7
12 something.else Kenwood KNA-G431AU; Nuvi 2689 Keep in mind the device is an IN-CAR unit (built in under he dash (in the glove box in my case)
So . Its easily accessed, and upgraded. Good POI support (Garmin). Good map update support again through Garmin or if your loaded through Kenwood.
Has USB interface for direct upload. Seems quick enough. Unknown support for additional sound /proximity warnings. Buts a stow away unit is hard to steal I guess.
Unknown if you can change TTS voices from what comes with the unit. A little expensive. 7
13 shopping44 Kenwood DNX-6960 (garmin) Great Garmin GPS in a stereo headunit Garmin doesn't support the device because it is a Kenwood product. Have to use a microSD card for new maps unless you know what youre doing (and youre here so youre good) and use the mini-usb in the back of the unit. 8
14 rwoolmer Kenwood (Garmin) KNA G520 / Nuvi 3790t G520 - Very clear voice instructions through the cars speaker system.

3790t - Very good graphics.
G520 - Graphics are a quite slow by modern standards. 3790t - Still looking for them! 8
15 mrmpaddon Kenwood DNX5260BT Kenwood DNX5260BT

Nav is good.
loading pois seems difficult. -Paid 1300 euros for this system and would expect all to come loaded. Due to delay in getting radars loaded, just got my first speeding fine!!! 6
16 daggerspell1 Kenwood DNX7430BT Lots of functions
Full IPod connectivity
Bluetooth works great
Re calculation is very quick
Video works great for non HD
3d maps sucks Takes about 25sec before unit starts up Have to make sure firmware is up to date  
17 edobrien Kenwood DNX5360 The Kenwood DNX series is a mamoth device. Garmin tells you what the street name is when turning right or left. Different to the TOMTOM, but I am getting used to it.
This website helped imensely with loading the safety camera details which are not standard with the Garmin navigation system.
Jury is still out as to wether I would recomend it. 4
18 petegunnell Kenwood DNX5260BT Kenwood DNX5260BT (uses Garmin for nav system) - its also radio, DVD/CD player, rear view camera, ipod player. Very comprehensive unit, excellent when space is a premium. Good quality. Touch screen. Not cheap - but not as expensive as some systems either. 7
19 kenwoodsoundcar Garmin / Kenwood DNX-7120 Great device. Does everything that the Garmin handhelds do, just from an in dash DVD screen unit. Not able to load custom voices as offered on garmins website. 8
20 mick.grant Kenwood DNN6250DAB Nice screen, works well with ipod, bluetooth, Appears well put together Not easy to connect to PC, updates and custom pois all have to be done via CD/DVD 7
21 docusn Kenwood DNX8240 Easy to use, great voice recognition. Cant change alert distances. 0.3 mile is NOT enough lead time in heavy traffic with a 45 motorhome. Update via SD card is not seamless. 7
22 pa_pl3333 Kenwood DNX5220BT Easy to use, customer friendly Not always a logical route when there is a traffic jam. 5
23 ccarlsy Kenwood DNX7100 Garmin Great built in GPS on HeadUnit. 7 Inch Screen Not Portable. 3
24 nelsonteleco Kenwood DNX-5120 Ease to use.
6.1 Display.
Excellent navigation options.
I prefer the Garmin nav over other brands because of the optional 2D mode, opposed to 3D. Most of the units Ive used in 3D map mode, including the Garmin, look like theyre built for children. While ease of use is important I prefer the 2D mode because its much easier to see the surrounding area, easier to find an alternative path at a single glance.
Since this device is also a Kenwood stereo its not removable..... There is no USB, or mini-USB, port on the front. Adding POIs has been a challenge - the unit has to be updated via CD. Creating those CDs can be challenging. Also, if you dont need a stereo and are just looking for a GPS device this unti is cost prohibitive - around $700 for the hardware, another $200 - $500 depending on who installs it. 7
25 freddy3 Kenwood DNX6140 bluetooth phonebook and sms
general operation, changing functions is good.
Garmin navigation is a bit clunky (I prefer ig08 on my portable which was 1/5 the price) bluetooth is very difficult to change connected phones. 7
26 creel KNA-G431 Kenwood module made by Garmin I have a Kenwood car audio system with tilt/pop out 7 display, coupled to this is the Kenwood KNA-G431 GPS module, made by Garmin.
This is a great system, easy to use with heaps of user adjustable settings.
I can highly recommend this system.
Not a weakness in the system itself, but it is rather costly. I do have a NAVMAN as well, but decided I would prefer to integrate the GPS to my car audio system. 9
27 syd KNA-G430 Kenwood I purchased this particular gps, because I wanted an integrated unit for my vehicle, and this unit was the only fully integrated gps available in my area. I am verry happy with this unit. Still getting used to all the functions, so at this point I have found no weaknesses. 9
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